4 Instant Impact Coronavirus Marketing Strategies

We are in the midst of a really crazy time with COVID-19 and its impact on the world. Everything seems to be different. And, like you, emotions over the last few week were just crazy. They were up and down, of course. Personally I had been through 2008 so I was full of confidence and […]

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Communicating in a Crisis – The Right Way

You know what you cannot escape in a crisis? Information about the crisis! Am I right? Especially in today’s environment with the 24-hour news cycle, your brother-in-law who thinks he’s a virus doctor, everybody on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram with an opinion, and so on. The information is there. And it can certainly be […]

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5 Recession Proof Marketing Strategies in a Downturn

While nobody loves a crisis it is important to remember, your clients still need you, and we need to let them know that we’re here to help them – now AND in the future. In a previous article I told you my grandfather said, “You never have to GET ready if you STAY ready.” Thinking […]

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COVID-19 UPDATE | Opportunity Knocks

During this unprecedented time, we realize the importance of “business as usual” for our customers. To meet this goal, we have implemented several strategies to help protect the health of our team and their families, while maintaining our services for you. In keeping with CDC guidelines, our programming, graphic design, and client care departments are […]

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Why Content Marketing Can Drive New Sales

“Today prospects respond better if you promise to send them free information that will be useful to them in their job.” – Robert Bly That is as true today as when Bly, an enormous legend in the world of Direct Marketing, first said those words. Often in these articles you read on various coaching subjects, […]

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The Small Business’s Favorite Valentine

How many of you remember the absolute stress of Valentine’s Day when you were a kid? For me, as a fun-loving elementary school child arguably more focused on PE than mathematics, I always looked forward to Valentine’s Day. Our teacher let us make these silly manila folder envelops we hung on the side of our […]

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The 5 Mail List Selection Tips You Aren’t Using

Getting the word out about your business can be one of the toughest things you have to do as a business owner or manager. As much as you want to simply shout from the rooftops about your fabulous product or service, or brag about your spotless reputation, there is a lot of competing ‘noise’ out […]

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3 Keys to Magnetic Advertisement Offer

This might sound a little bit like a stretch here, but it’ll make sense. In some ways, Direct Mail campaigns are the written versions of infomercials. Right? Do you see it yet? Think about it. More often than not, an informercial is trying to get you to buy something right then, right away…right now! A […]

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