Layered Marketing Produces Big Sales

Why wouldn’t you want to use every medium possible to communicate with your potential customers? Ok, before I get started, I certainly understand budget is a constraint. But what if budget wasn’t a concern? Doesn’t being where your customers are engaging make sense? Each day, every one of your potential clients/leads is exposed to a […]

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The Best DDI Spotlight on Success Ever!

So I re-read the past four or five DDI Spotlight On Success Stories and I noticed a common theme…PostcardsPLUS, Perseverance and Patience…stick with it and the postcard/digital campaigns will eventually work. They always do! But I certainly understand this is sometimes easier said than done. While I will stay relentless with my commitment to the […]

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Birthday Marketing

Birthday Postcard Marketing

Birthday Marketing and Prospecting for your Business With more than ten billion dollars in annual birthday market revenue to capture, marketing conscious restaurant management teams are making birthdays a timely treat for local consumers and a huge new profit center for their establishments.  Why?  Statistics shared by the National Restaurant Association® tell us that seven out […]

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Direct Mailing Success

November Spotlight on Success

It seems like the common theme surrounding our recent Spotlights on Success is patience and persistence.  This one is no different. However, for an added bonus, every appointment Charlotte Ray attended, she saw her postcard on the clients table when she arrived. Awesome shelf-life.   Check out Charlotte’s success story:   “Hi Andy, OK, I […]

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Direct Mail Successes

October Spotlight on Success

Marketing patience is hard, but it works every time. So just about the time you want to give up on your marketing programs… Don’t. Check out Decorating Den franchise owner, Suzanne Christie’s success story: “Ok…so I must now do my testimonial….after doing my Opp Knocks program initially with not the best results, I decided to […]

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Direct Mail Best Practice #10 – Deadlines

You can have everything else lined up perfectly in your direct marketing, but the customer will fail to pull the trigger and purchase your product. So, what are they waiting for? Marketing messages without a clear sense of urgency result in customers delaying response. You’re going to need to strike fear into the heart of […]

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Direct Mail Best Practice #9 – Offers

Special offers are a valuable way to boost the sales from direct marketing that can be used to incent a sale, set a deadline, brush away fears about a product or offer increased value. Your special offers should be simply irresistible to the reader, and preferably come at little or no cost to you. Special […]

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Direct Mail Best Practice #7 – Create Drama

Why do people buy your products or services? It seems a simple question, but for most companies it’s surprisingly hard to define. Consumers and B2B customers alike largely make their buying decisions based on emotions. If your product is a motorcycle for example, people ultimately decide whether or not to buy it not for its […]

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