Dessert Hook

6 Questions to Ask Before Writing Your Copy

I took the bait this weekend, after literally waiting years to indulge, and I was disappointed. To say the least. I patronized a popular dessert establishment that is all over social media, and routinely in my mailbox. Their videos and posts feature long lines, huge smiles on happy customers, and great visuals of their product. […]

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Attention Please

How to Create Attention-Getting Postcards!

I have to admit something. I went to the mailbox yesterday and immediately frowned when I saw a direct mail postcard looking back at me. Positioned squarely atop the stack of mail, it was just sad and uninviting and a waste of not only my time, but the designer’s, the client’s, and the mailman’s. It […]

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How To Transform Your Prospects Into Clients

I was reading an article about how to move someone from a prospect to a client, and I thought they had an interesting set of best practices. But the article was written from the perspective of having a prospect walk into your store, or maybe contact you over the phone. And I thought, ‘How did […]

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What If You Ask the Wrong Questions?

There is a new Marvel Comics television show you may or may not be familiar with. It’s called ‘What If…?’ and its central idea is to take the established Marvel Comics movie plots and flip them on their head; wild and indelicate trickery based on events and characters from the originals. I binged that recently […]

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Engaging Postcards are Successful Postcards

When was the last time you got sucked immediately into something? Love at first sight? Did you see a car that you just had to have? Or maybe it was an amazing direct mail postcard that hit you square in the face, leaving you breathless and wanting to emulate its magnetic effect on you? That […]

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Direct Mail Postcard Fundamentals

Every day I go to the mailbox at home or at the office, I am excited to see what gems I’ll uncover by way of direct mail postcards. It’s my business. But it’s also how I keep in touch with the trends (both good and bad) of my profession. Seeing what people are creating helps […]

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Only Bite Off What You Can Chew

I was recently visiting a college friend of mine in North Carolina. I was standing in his kitchen as he tossed his mail onto the counter and I instinctively pulled out a postcard that grabbed my attention. I can’t decide if it was genius, or a waste of money…but I’m going with the former for […]

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Don’t Waste a Single Word on Your Postcard!

I don’t know if it is a result of the pandemic and so many people having to spend time on their own, but I’ve noticed so many more people taking up activities they might not have otherwise. From baking bread to a scary level of home organization to fat-burning workout routines, everyone seems to be […]

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Must-Have Ingredients for Winning Postcards!

About a year ago, we tried one of those ‘leave it on your doorstep’ boxed meal delivery services. Ironically, I’d received a postcard advertising a specific service, and after some quick thought by two busy people, my wife and I decided we’d give it a shot. We were the typical folks who ate the same […]

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Your Credibility IS Your Business

When you think about the image you want your prospects and clients to use when associating your brand with their needs, 100% of the time that image needs to be sterling, it needs to be truthful, and it needs to emit credibility. At any point along the sales cycle, it is possible for something to […]

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