Get Rich Quick

The ‘Fundamentals’ are Elemental to Success

I’m expanding this list today as a result of watching several people on YouTube. They seemed normal enough, but their messages were all centered around a ‘get rich quick’ scenario. The videos were ignoring the fundamentals of what it takes to become successful. Instead, they were shining an unrealistic light on how you can buy […]

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Test & Repeat: The Keys to Success

For the new readers, you should know that I’m a diehard fan of racing. I love all forms, but I’m partial to NASCAR with a sprinkle of Formula 1 and some IndyCar thrown in there for good measure. The tie to that lead-in is a guy named Mario Andretti, a man whom many consider to […]

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Skinned Cats and DM Testing

My maternal grandfather said something to me once when I was very little that left me standing in my tracks, unable to move, wondering why I was suddenly scared of him. “We” were working on something at his house – reconnecting a lawn mower string that had snapped off. He got frustrated when he couldn’t […]

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Make Your Call to Action Invaluable!

You can’t make money if no one knows about your product or service. Right? Success doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It also doesn’t happen if you’re reluctant to ask for the business, or even to guide your prospect to the sale. [The old horse to water trope is applicable, but it’s also too basic to […]

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Engineering a Successful Postcard Campaign

If you ever find yourself in a conversation with someone about postcard marketing, and they say something along the lines of, “you get out of a postcard campaign what you put into it,” you should nod politely, smile, and slowly back away from them. They aren’t telling you the truth. You will never get out […]

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Direct Mail Postcards – Tried & True

We talk a lot in these articles about ways you can maximize the effectiveness of your direct mail postcard campaigns. But what we haven’t looked at in a while is why direct mail postcards continue to be one of the best ways to market your business – any kind of business. If you’re new to […]

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Defining Objectives for Campaign Success

I don’t think I’ve ever disclosed this, but I am a huge track & field nut. I love all the events, whether sprints or long-distance, running or throwing or jumping. The spirit of competition amazes me, not to mention the discipline athletes maintain to be the best. The idea of goals versus objectives popped into […]

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Elevator Pitch

A 5-Point Postcard Marketing Elevator Pitch

You might be surprised by the number of times – and places – I find myself defending the use of direct mail postcards these days. From dinner parties to the post office to the gym, I’m amazed at how many people (especially small business owners) think they know why they aren’t employing a postcard campaign […]

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Dessert Hook

6 Questions to Ask Before Writing Your Copy

I took the bait this weekend, after literally waiting years to indulge, and I was disappointed. To say the least. I patronized a popular dessert establishment that is all over social media, and routinely in my mailbox. Their videos and posts feature long lines, huge smiles on happy customers, and great visuals of their product. […]

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Attention Please

How to Create Attention-Getting Postcards!

I have to admit something. I went to the mailbox yesterday and immediately frowned when I saw a direct mail postcard looking back at me. Positioned squarely atop the stack of mail, it was just sad and uninviting and a waste of not only my time, but the designer’s, the client’s, and the mailman’s. It […]

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New Mover Data Counts