Direct Mail Best Practice #7 – Create Drama

Why do people buy your products or services? It seems a simple question, but for most companies it’s surprisingly hard to define. Consumers and B2B customers alike largely make their buying decisions based on emotions. If your product is a motorcycle for example, people ultimately decide whether or not to buy it not for its […]

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Postcard Best Practices #3 – Competitive Advantages

Although many entrepreneurs like to think that their product is new and unique, the truth is that almost all successful products and services are based on existing ideas. On the one hand, this is only sensible business – it makes sense to follow a path that has already proven successful, and customers are more open […]

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Postcard Best Practices #1 – Headline

  Your headline is the first thing your customer will read; get it wrong and it’ll be the only thing they read. Direct mail postcards live and die on their headlines. You need to make your direct mail headline compelling and attention-grabbing, as well as set the theme for the entire mail. With that one […]

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10 Critical Direct Mail Best Practices

How to Get the MOST Results From Your Direct Mail By Jim Schimpf For more than 10 years the folks at Opportunity Knocks have been producing the kind of direct mail, and direct response mail tools that have helped businesses grow their businesses — without breaking the bank. Throughout all this time, it’s safe to […]

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