Six Copywriting Mistakes Killing Your Marketing ROI

I was watching television last night, and one of those commercials for online learning came on.  They were showcasing the achievements of college students around the country, driving a fancy motorhome around to shine the spotlight on single mothers and business owners and everyday people, alike, who had taken it upon themselves and finished their education – or in some example, added to it.

That commercial and what it said about never stopping the desire to learn, or the practice of finding a way to make your dreams come true, hit me right in the cross-hairs for this post.  As a business owner, you never really stop learning.  Nod along with me.  Whether it’s a better way to make your product or perform your service, a better way to reach potential customers, or a better way to ensure what you’re building today will last for the next generation and beyond.  Still nodding?  Great.

Part of why I find passion in helping small businesses be the best you can be rests squarely on education.  What works in ‘this’ space, but maybe doesn’t work in ‘that’ space?  Think about how many times I tell you to test, test, test.  By introducing you to potential sources of failure and success, hopefully I can help you avoid a pitfall or two along the way.  I ran across Six Copywriting Mistakes you might have made (I know I have) and wanted to use that in our education session today:

  1. You don’t use enough proof, credibility or believability: You can write ANYTHING in the world, but if it isn’t compelling – who cares? You want your prospects and existing clients to feel like they’re spending their money on something backed by success and fantastic reviews.  You sell coleslaw so good it’ll make you slap your mother!  It’s award-winning and has Michelin-starred chefs singing its praises.  Don’t keep that kind of praise to yourself or rely on word of mouth.
  1. You don’t differentiate the uniqueness your product/service: You have to brag, brag, brag, and brag some more. You use the pricey variety of apple cider vinegar for your amazing coleslaw when your competition just skimps on ‘what everybody else uses’.  In a firm manner, you need to bask in the ways what you provide is unmatched in the industry – and why it’s better.  Papa Johns tells us that better ingredients make better pizza.  Hmm…
  1. You don’t explain the consequences tied to NOT responding: Sometimes asking for the business is not enough.  Create FOMO in your copy.  You’re going to miss this coleslaw if you don’t act now.  The best coleslaw you may never eat – unless you act fast!
  1. You don’t use enough sales copy to compel your prospect to act: You don’t have to fill every possible space on a postcard, that’s not what I mean. Maximize the impact and drive of what you’re saying – make the benefits you DO choose to use leap off of the page!  You need to talk that coleslaw up like it’s a folk hero!  With superpowers!
  1. You don’t have a GREAT offer: You’re going to see this from me time and again. If you don’t have an offer that makes your prospect WANT to order that coleslaw the next time they’re in your store, don’t bother.
  1. You don’t set up the urgency AND firm close for immediate action: ‘Come on by when you’re ready’ will not have prospects beating a path to your door. “Limited Batch” or “Cannot Guarantee Supplies” or “Won’t Last Long” or “Last Batch Sold Out in 3 Days!”…get it? Popeye’s had people circling the building for their new chicken sandwich not long ago. A chicken sandwich [insert snark]. Do THAT!

Direct Mail coaches are ready and waiting to help you craft the best possible message. Whether you’re marketing the world’s best coleslaw or tax preparation services, you want to avoid the same copywriting mistakes.  Set up a free coaching call with us today and we can show you how it’s done.