Make Your Call to Action Invaluable!

You can’t make money if no one knows about your product or service. Right? Success doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It also doesn’t happen if you’re reluctant to ask for the business, or even to guide your prospect to the sale. [The old horse to water trope is applicable, but it’s also too basic to serve as a true learning opportunity.] The intent of marketing is to not only introduce the prospect to what you’re offering, but to get them to move toward it and – ultimately – become a client or a lead.

The way to do that is by using the Call to Action (CTA). But not just any CTA. You need to ensure that the way you’re asking for the business resonates with the target. And to help you do that in your postcard marketing, I’ve listed out 6 Invaluable Call to Action Elements:

  1. Be creative: Boring sucks. You don’t need to set the postcard on fire, but the CTA needs to catch the reader’s attention. Change the color, change the font, put it in a word bubble in a picture above a puppy, whatever. Point it out in a way it absolutely cannot be missed!
  2. Take advantage of EMOTION: This is especially useful if your product or service is best tied to a feeling, a memory or anything that connects the prospect to what you’re selling when there isn’t a true physical application. Don’t be afraid to allow the CTA to pull on the heart strings. People tie purchases to smells, song lyrics, their favorite food grandma used to make, the thrill of starting their own business, the joy of family, and on and on. Whatever you’re promoting can do the same if you move the reader toward your goal in the right way.
  3. Action words: Get the reader moving. “Don’t wait!” “CALL NOW!” “Click Here!” All of those are examples of ways to impress upon the reader that you need them to reach out, to call, to get in touch with you immediately to make sure they can take full advantage of your offer. Is time of the essence? Let them know. “LIMITED TIME OFFER!” The time limit is up to you, but what the reader needs to feel is ‘now’.
  4. Platform consistency: Wherever and however you’re marketing, the message and offers must always be consistent. That direct mail postcard MUST feature the same Call to Action and reward as your follow up email or social media posts. Additionally, the design of all must flow seamlessly to ensure the look of your postcard and secondary material is familiar, strikes the same tone, and makes the reader want to take the next step.
  5. Show them the numbers: The proof is in the pudding, as they say. No better way for a prospect to understand that than to offer to show them. “Click here to see why 8 out of 10 new sales become clients for life.” “See how you can save 300% on your Worker’s Comp insurance today!” “Let me show you how to put $5,000 of working capital back into your business!”
  6. Activate FOMO: Some folks, for better or worse, simply don’t like not participating. The fear of missing out can be a strong driver to some as a way of enticing them to buy or ask for more information. “Don’t wait…it may be too late!” “Everyone around you is saving – you can, too!” “Don’t be the first person to miss this great deal!”

There are ton of great ways to influence what your reader does next. Testing the different ways you implement your Call to Action can have a significant impact on the success of your postcard campaign. Not everyone is going to be attracted to, or motivated by, the same language or approach. Evaluate what works best, rinse, and repeat.

Give Opportunity Knocks a call. We’ve got Success Coaches standing by to help you magnetize your Call to Action. Let’s create a postcard campaign to get your readers curious, excited, and enthused about reaching out, and taking your business to the next level!