Start with the Prospect

I want you to think for a moment about two things: 1) YouTube searches and 2) Your direct mail postcard campaigns. They aren’t really that far apart when you give it some thought; their similarities actually make more sense than you might imagine. I promise this is going to make sense. Both YouTube searches and […]

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Focus on the Prospect

I’m hoping it’s obvious, or that it translates, or that it makes sense to you – whatever way you choose to make the connection – but I try to think of something at the beginning of my articles that will help you tie into the subject that week. There needs to be a correlation between […]

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Writing DM Postcards

I love a donut.  I really do.  This weekend I was in a donut shop that features all manner of donut variety that you can think of.  Cake, yeast, sprinkles, vegan-friendly, slathered in glaze or ‘dry’, filled, dipped and drizzled, and everything in between.  The donuts looked fantastic and were visually inviting; tempting, even.  And […]

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Types of Lead Offers

Some of the best things on the planet come in a combo. Wings & beer, Big MacTM & fries, Surf & Turf, and my personal favorite: Landing Pages & Lead Generation! A genius way to find more leads is to have your targets qualify themselves. And with today’s technology, it’s easier than ever to set […]

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Know Your Product Before the Campaign Starts

Inauguration Day has always fascinated me. No matter which party is assuming (or retaining) control, I’m glued to the television. Per my usual, I find myself drooling over both the meticulous planning required for an event like that, as well as the amazing bulletproof ‘cars’ and SUVs of the motorcade. The precision of the planning […]

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Make Your Messaging Hook the Reader!

50 Cent once said that he wants the listener pulled into his song in the first 10 seconds of the track. I’m pretty sure he said that, but don’t quote me on that. But, even if I am crazy, isn’t that a genius way to look at writing music? Immediately hook your audience and make […]

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Don’t Take Postcard Design for Granted

I don’t know how many of you might be into fashion, or art, or photography, or even cars for that matter. But what I do know is that anything requiring visual interpretation demands a visual appreciation of what you’re looking at. The design of a sports car, the way a picture of Paris is composed, […]

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Find Leads the Smart Way

I was trying to think of what I wanted to write this week. What could I tell you that was impactful, and positively moved your ideas about postcard marketing forward? I took a minute and walked out to my mailbox – part of the daily routine COVID-19 has made me appreciate. And it was chock […]

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A Content Marketing Recipe

It was in episode #116 of Seinfeld that the world was introduced to a character called the Soup Nazi. An extremely particular man, the Soup Nazi was notorious for many reasons. His soups were fantastic, his legend was larger than life, and his rules for ordering were just as out of this world as his […]

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Postcard Design

Simple, Effective, and WINNING Postcard Design!

My 80-year-old father was a semi-professional photographer (when he wasn’t doing his day job at IBM for 45 years). And I have a friend whose 13-year-old daughter is also a photographer. They both take pictures of varying subject matter, and they both have an amazing ability to make you feel like you are part of […]

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New Mover Data Counts