Why QR Codes Are Quite Right For Your Direct Mail ROI

COVID-19, the Corona Virus, Novel Corona, or whatever you choose to call it, has forced many businesses to change the way they market their products and services. The restaurant industry has, by leaps and bounds, capitalized on QR Codes and realized other-worldly returns on their initial marketing investment. But wait! If you aren’t in the […]

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Economic Ctrl+Alt+Del – Is Your Business Ready?

What do you all think when you hear the word ‘unprecedented’?  It’s been said so much these days.  Do you react positively or negatively?  I was on the fence (leaning toward ‘over it’) until I decided in my small part of the world to start giving it positive power again.  And I want you to […]

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The Facts On Why Direct Mail is Soaring During the Pandemic

Right now – today – a simple, second-nature behavior represents a golden key to your marketing success, and allows you to take advantage of phenomenal access to the continually-resurgent world of Direct Mail. More than possibly any time in recent memory, people have a shared, almost communal activity: checking the mail. The USPS reported more […]

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Give These 6 Incentives to Thrive Through the Pandemic

Positivity is one of the main lessons I’ve taken from these past several weeks. I know that might sound a little hokey, but it’s true. Many states are dealing with unimaginable problems ranging from healthcare to manufacturing to supply chains. Our friends and family could be impacted in a number of ways. And that’s a […]

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Pedal to the Metal: Keep Marketing in a Crisis

Let me first say hello and that I’m hoping everyone is keeping their spirits up as we ALL face this amazing and unpredictable situation. Every day presents us with not only new challenges, BUT…we’re also presented with the fabulous ability to make the absolute best out of what we’ve got, pushing ourselves and those around […]

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4 Instant Impact Coronavirus Marketing Strategies

We are in the midst of a really crazy time with COVID-19 and its impact on the world. Everything seems to be different. And, like you, emotions over the last few week were just crazy. They were up and down, of course. Personally I had been through 2008 so I was full of confidence and […]

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Communicating in a Crisis – The Right Way

You know what you cannot escape in a crisis? Information about the crisis! Am I right? Especially in today’s environment with the 24-hour news cycle, your brother-in-law who thinks he’s a virus doctor, everybody on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram with an opinion, and so on. The information is there. And it can certainly be […]

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