ABT (Always Be Thanking)

It is as simple as saying, “Thank You.” Let me explain.

As a fan of Chick-fil-A, there are two things that I automatically associate with any of their stores, anywhere in the country. First, you cannot believe how much I covet those waffle fries. I get misty-eyed just thinking about them. Second, I find myself saying ‘thank you’ to their employees simply to hear them give me back a crisp, “My pleasure!”

Those are two of the reasons I make return trips to their establishments far more often than my waist should endure. But I eat there not just for the food; it’s because they make it feel as though my business is truly appreciated. That ‘My Pleasure!’ feels like they’re actually telling me ‘Thank you!’ and I love it. And that’s what I want for your clients, as well.

6 Reasons You Should Say Thank You:

  1. It is Under-Deployed – More and more, we hear ‘thank you’ less and less. Holding the door for someone, letting them into traffic, or in our case, thanking them for their business. You can instantly impact a prospect or client by honestly thanking them. Whether they stopped by, called to ask a question about your product or service, or ultimately bought something from you, the under-utilization of saying thank you can brighten someone’s day – or even better, sit in the back of their mind as they write out a positive comment or survey.
  2. It Creates Loyalty – Showing a client your appreciation is one of the best ways to turn them into repeat clients. We learn early in life that relationships are built on trust and appreciation. Clients feel that, and a two-word gesture can do more than you’d imagine to keep them coming back. This is even more important if your business success depends on repeat customers.
  3. It Feels Good – I looked up some super sciency stuff here because it made sense. I found that dopamine and serotonin are feel-good neurochemicals released by our brain when we say or write or read thank you. Amazing, right? So say the scientists: Dopamine, “makes us feel good! And, because it feels good, we want more. It triggers positive emotions, we feel optimistic, and it fosters camaraderie. It also drives prosocial behaviors.” Genius.
  4. It Builds Brand Association (Enhances Your Reputation) – There’s no better example than that of Chick-fil-A. They have built a gold standard model for how clients should be treated, and although it goes beyond simply thanking their customers, it is often the last thing you hear from an employee. Have you ever heard someone say that they want to be “the Chick-fil-A” of their industry? Have you ever said that?
  5. It’s a Differentiator – Ask yourself if you’re more likely or less likely to think well of someone who didn’t tell you ‘thanks’ for [insert action here], especially immediately after said action took place. I’ll admit I’ve scowled a time or two. Don’t make your prospects or clients choose – because they just might – between your appreciation for their business or lack thereof. Is not employing two words worth losing future business?

As we all move deeper into 2022, forging new relationships with prospects and clients, as well as maintaining associations that got us to – and through 2021 – remember to say thanks. It can be in any form you like. You can make it a stand-alone (like a special note or a birthday card). You can print postcards for a select group of high-value clients inviting them to a ‘Thank You’ event. Or you can send a mass mailing to your target audience expressing your gratitude.

Give Opportunity Knocks a call today. Our Success Coaches are standing by with their Emily Post reference books in hand. We’re ready to help you put your best foot forward in thanking your prospects and clients for their business – now and in the future. It’s our pleasure.