Official Video Testimonial Contest Rules

NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A PURCHASE DOES NOT INCREASE THE CHANCES OF WINNING. Eligibility:To be eligible for this Contest, the contestant (“You”) must, as of the date of entry: Be a legal resident of the United States, and Be at least 18 years of age or older, and Have an active real […]

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ENTERING IS RIDICULOUSLY EASY AND SUPER FUN! Simply shoot a 1 minute or more video sharing your Direct Marketing experience with Opportunity Knocks.  Just Go To or >> CLICK HERE << To Post Your Video to Our Facebook Page BOOM…you’re entered and eligible to win!  It’s that easy! (While you’re there, “LIKE” our page […]

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Postcard Marketing

Postcard Design Basics: Working Smarter, Not Harder

You know what you WANT to say, but you don’t have the first clue where to start to create your postcard.   What you need is a Stash Pile!   It’s simple.  A Stash Pile is just a folder or drawer of ideas and postcard mailings you already get in the mail – even from […]

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Dark Matter, Matters: How to Find Your Perfect Customer

Scientists tell us that something called Dark Matter is what connects everything in the Universe and that it exists in-between everything we see. It is invisible but extremely powerful. It is binding and specific in purpose but does not constrain. That’s the way I think about Demographics, especially when applied to a Direct Mail campaign. […]

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Pictures Help Your Direct Mail More Than Words Ever Could

Let me tell you right from the jump that no matter how quickly you think you can read, you will NEVER decipher words faster than images. Trust me.  And if not me, trust the super smart folks over at M.I.T. who performed the study. With direct mail, it is critical that you make true and […]

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Direct Marketing Science

The Direct Marketing “Sweet Science”

Boxing is called “The Sweet Science.” The special requirement of this simultaneous contrast is what makes boxing so amazing. It requires technique, obviously, but so much more beyond that. Finesse? Slickness? Swagger? Art? If it was just technique, they would call it science. But because there’s a little something extra that you have to put […]

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The Dominator Delivers for the Dec Den’s #1 Franchise!

Conventional thinking in most marketing circles is that nobody does direct mail marketing anymore, direct mail is too expensive, and it doesn’t work in today’s dynamic, internet driven landscape. These same thinkers say, shift your marketing budgets to social media, email, and the newest addition, mobile media. Not so fast my friend! According to studies […]

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First New Mover Sale Over $45,000!

New Movers are a great target market.  They move into a new home and it’s inevitable that they want to make changes.  They need window treatments because the previous owner took the others or they moved into a new home.  They need more furniture once their furniture has been set.  Or they may just need a few accessories to make their house their home. Statistics have proven that […]

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It’s always exciting anytime you launch a new marketing campaign. You spend time discussing, designing, and convincing yourself it’s the right investment. You feel this could be the one that brings in some well needed business. You launch with anticipation that the phone will ring and…nothing happens! I get it. BUT…I’m also here to lift […]

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Layered Marketing Produces Big Sales

Why wouldn’t you want to use every medium possible to communicate with your potential customers? Ok, before I get started, I certainly understand budget is a constraint. But what if budget wasn’t a concern? Doesn’t being where your customers are engaging make sense? Each day, every one of your potential clients/leads is exposed to a […]

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New Mover Data Counts