How Your Service Should Speak for Itself

Let me ask you this question: When you want to buy something, do you just go to the store and pick it up? Depending on what it is you’re after, I imagine most of us would say ‘yes’. We’ve all run out to grab something for a summertime activity or maybe to complete a Honey […]

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4 Ways to Hold on Tight to Existing Clients

In any business which operates every day, there is only a dotted line connecting you to your existing clients. Unless you’ve found a way to commit them to buying your goods and services exclusively, there is nothing stopping them from taking it upon themselves to do a little research into things like price, terms, customer […]

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Effective Marketing for the Other Side of the Pandemic

It’s finally time to acknowledge that there is another side of the pandemic coming. Some businesses have fast-tracked that mindset and are already seeing traction. We’re going to come out of this, and we’re going to have to get back to work. If you’re lucky enough to have found a way through this pandemic, the […]

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4 Killer Growth Strategies Despite COVID-19

COVID-19 has so many people in a twist. That’s one way to start an article, right? Well, today in my back yard I was inspired by weeds of all things, because they keep me in a twist. I’d sprayed my landscaping the day before and I was checking on my handiwork to make sure I […]

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Why Planning is the Key to Huge Direct Mail Production

Often after my wife and I watch a movie, she picks up her phone to check out the actors and the backstory or concept which compelled someone to bring it to the screen.  She loves understanding nuance about the actors’ careers.  I like knowing what a movie cost to make versus what it earned.  After […]

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