Simple Postcard Ideas to Capture Readers

Is it just me, or was there ever a time when you, too, were amazed by Oprah’s now-famous list of her Favorite Things? I’m old enough to remember the audience absolutely lose their minds when Oprah dramatically revealed the nature of the episode. Women cried, fainted, leapt into the air, and shook their friends in excitement! It was a business-to-consumer coup to have a product on that list.

I want to help you create that same kind of success and enthusiasm for you and your business! You want to do everything you can to make sure your products and services generate fabulously positive responses from your target audience. These 8 Tips to Make Your Postcard Marketing Stand Out will get you well on your way:

  1. The Right Approach from the Beginning – What is it about your product or service that you’re selling? Because it isn’t the product or service. There has to be something that speaks to the audience, pulling them in. You’re not selling a yard service. You’re selling Mr. & Mrs. Homeowner the fact that they will never have to maintain their own yard again! And that your service will make their yard make their neighbor’s jealous. Simple. Sell the benefit, but pick the right one for the right targets.
  2. Shorter Is Better – Your postcard is the appetizer, not the entre. Hook them with great copy that gets to the point. Leave them wanting more.
  3. Busy Graphics Suck – Don’t make the reader waste time with overly complicated graphics and imagery. Lead them to what you want them to see – and where you want them to focus.
  4. Dumbed Down Language – That sounds super harsh, but it isn’t meant to be. By using simple language, you’re more likely to have your message appeal to a larger audience (no matter the nature of your target). The easier you can make it for the reader, the higher the likelihood they’ll absorb your message without having to work at it. ‘Fire Sale’ is better than ‘Drastically-Low Price Reduction’. See what I mean?
  5. Sell Your Offer – Make it sexy. If you can’t make it sexy, make it intriguing. And if you can’t make it either of those, make it practical – but make it irresistible. You want to imply the benefit of whatever the offer is going to get the reader (preferably for free) and increase their overall interest in your product or service.
  6. Copy Should Enhance Your Offer – Similar to Dumbed Down Language, you want the copy to invoke curiosity, a sense that the reader needs this offer now, and that they absolutely don’t want to be the last one to take advantage of your ‘special offer’, ‘limited time benefit’, or your ‘substantially-reduced’ whatever it might be.
  7. Don’t Use Artificial Themes – People don’t like to be fooled. Bait & Switch is a concept that gets a lot of marketers in trouble. Many a time share company has found itself in that particular line of fire. Say what you mean – not what you need to – to get prospects, new leads, and new sales. Success in your marketing will come directly from your ability to link the offer and the benefit and the product to their needs.
  8. ‘800 numbers’ Leap Off the Page – Never discount the power of a phone call. If you have a toll-free option for clients, list it. If you’re more likely to get a sale from someone in a certain demographic who is more comfortable with a phone than a keyboard, feature it prominently on your postcard. It’s amazing how often a caller who says, “I’ve just got a quick question…” turns into a paying customer.

Billionaire TV star status might be a pipe dream. But you can easily create your own business-to-consumer coup with the right postcard marketing!

Give Opportunity Knocks a call today. Our Success Coaches aren’t hiding expensive face cream under your chair, no. But they are standing by to help create colorful and impactful versions of your postcard campaign, maximizing the reach you want to make to your target market.