Drive Traffic Your Way

What’s the point of direct mail? Why do I care about a postcard campaign? What am I trying to accomplish? Why am I doing any of this?

Great questions! And, believe it or not, the answer to all of them isn’t to sell more, or to make more money [Although those are very clearly two excellent goals!]. Nope, the point of direct mail, and the reason you care about a quality postcard campaign is to get the word out in the most efficient and economical way you can. You need to drive traffic to you – that is Job #1!

No matter the quality of your product or service, if nobody knows about it, you ain’t selling it. Period. You must create a desire for what you’re selling. You need to differentiate yourself to stand out, over, and above your competition! Below are 5 Ideas to Attract New Traffic!

  1. The List Is Paramount – We talk about this often. Targeting the right prospects, in the right area (geographically, sales size, industry, etc.) cuts down on the ‘spray & pray’ junk mail guessing game of days gone by. Understanding the kinds of companies/individuals you want to reach out to and knowing the anticipated return helps you plan both on an economic level, and it helps you manage all of that new business rushing through your door.
  2. Small Group Invitations – A great idea, given the right service, is a postcard invitation to a select group of individuals to view a demonstration of your product, or to participate in a round table or focus group discussion about the product/industry, or a listening session (kind of like a live white paper) highlighting the pain points your product solves for them.
  3. Time Sensitivity – Tying a promotion to a specific time frame works to bring in prospects on the front-end of the offer. This can be tricky, though, because you need to ensure you’re ready for the onslaught of new business. How many yards can you add to your landscaping business? How many more cakes can you reasonably produce? How many more roofing jobs can you handle? Timing around an offer is a double-edged sword which can work out to your benefit in the best of ways.
  4. Exclusivity – This applies more to giving the client the feeling that they have something no other business (or at least their competition) does. It’s not about you being exclusive in what you provide, but making the client feel special. Remember when everybody had to have the ‘gold package trim’ on their cars? Whether it looked good or not, simply being able to showcase that difference between your car and your neighbor’s car made you stand out, made you different than the competition, perhaps even more special. How many more cars did Lexus sell simply because someone wanted to have that thing someone else didn’t?
  5. First, Second & Third Mailings – Rome was not built in a day, and neither will your sale success. The key is patience, and repetition in your campaigns. I don’t mean send the same thing over and over, no. But repeated outreaches to your properly researched list of targets, giving them a specific date by which to attend a small group session to learn about your product which will make them stand out from their competition, should be spread out over time. A postcard a week? A reminder once they’ve RSVP’d to the event? A thank you for attending?

Business, especially in the Age of COVID, can be daunting and frustrating. Without a proper plan to get new clients and hold on to the ones you already have, necessities like future sales, payroll, and general budgeting can find you stuck and constantly ‘recalculating’ like a confused GPS.

Give Opportunity Knocks a call today and proceed to the highlighted route. Our Success Coaches are standing by in hard hats and bright yellow vests, ready to talk about constructing a postcard campaign super highway to drive traffic quickly and efficiently to your front door or website!