Converting Leads to Sales: Play the Long Game

For many businesses, sales are hard to get. It’s hard to nail down what’s working with your marketing and resonating with customers. If you’re like many businesses, customers come and go without any rhythm or reason. This is frustrating because you’re probably getting enough sales to keep things going, but never enough to get things growing.

You’re probably tired of hearing about all the slick-sounding sales techniques or perhaps you’ve dialed in the next great 10-step system designed to work with every possible industry. Well, we all know it doesn’t really work that way.

Let’s do this…I’m going to make a rock-solid guarantee. I’ll guarantee you’ll have more sales if your play the long game!

So you’re probably saying: “What they heck is the long game?” Or you might be saying, “I don’t have time to play the long game!”  Or worse, you may be saying, “I already know that!”

But here’s the thing…there’s a big difference between knowing you should do something and actually doing it. Most business owners use a short-term strategy without even knowing it. They make contact with a prospect and follow up once or twice over a few months until they either “move-on” or simply forget. To be effective, you need a system.

Let me put this another way…last year our company generated 31% of our revenue from prospects who had been in our lead nurturing lists for a minimum of 12 months. Even after a full year, we were able to convert these direct mail skeptics into customers simply by staying connected with multiple follow-ups, tons of education-based content and simple success stories.

To truly grow your business, I bet you spend time thinking of high-level strategies. These are essential as they provide the map towards your destination. To be an effective marketer, one that grows business over a long period of time, you must play the long game. Leads come and go, interest comes and goes, situations come and go…and your marketing should always be front center.

There are no “expired” leads…only shifting of the tides.

Keep in regular contact and discover the power of consistent lead nurturing and follow-up. You’ll see the results.

I guarantee it!