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Want Postcard Marketing Success? Tune into station WII FM

There are tons of ideas on how to make postcard marketing a success. Offers, fonts, images, designs, coupons. We’ve talked about some and you probably know tons more. However, even if your postcard design has world class marketing ideas, it will absolutely fail if you forget one thing. Before I give you the “One Thing,” […]

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Direct Mail Best Practice #1 – Invest in Professional Imagery

When you go into business for yourself, image is very important. It is no secret that your professional image affects your reputation. Your reputation affects the number of clients you’ll be able to attract. The number and the quality of the clients you attract will affect your success as a business. Now that I’ve said […]

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5 Simple Words Save You Thousands On Marketing

Last week, we introduced the first Platitude test…Scratch out and Write In.  It’s simple, but very revealing!  I hope you tried this with your direct mail, postcards, advertising, etc. I have another test for you to take.  Don’t worry, it’s super easy.  It’s 5 simple words and it will save you thousands on your marketing. […]

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Are “Platitudes” Destroying Your Marketing Budget?

To many business owners and managers, marketing is perceived as a “necessary evil.”  To others, it’s the most valuable line item on their budget.  The difference between the two is content. Relevant content is the key to driving massive response. One of the main reasons why prospects can’t tell the difference between you and your […]

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