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Direct Mail Best Practice #10 – Deadlines

You can have everything else lined up perfectly in your direct marketing, but the customer will fail to pull the trigger and purchase your product. So, what are they waiting for? Marketing messages without a clear sense of urgency result in customers delaying response. You’re going to need to strike fear into the heart of […]

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Direct Mail Best Practice #9 – Offers

Special offers are a valuable way to boost the sales from direct marketing that can be used to incent a sale, set a deadline, brush away fears about a product or offer increased value. Your special offers should be simply irresistible to the reader, and preferably come at little or no cost to you. Special […]

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Direct Mail Best Practice #7 – Create Drama

Why do people buy your products or services? It seems a simple question, but for most companies it’s surprisingly hard to define. Consumers and B2B customers alike largely make their buying decisions based on emotions. If your product is a motorcycle for example, people ultimately decide whether or not to buy it not for its […]

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Postcard Best Practices #3 – Competitive Advantages

Although many entrepreneurs like to think that their product is new and unique, the truth is that almost all successful products and services are based on existing ideas. On the one hand, this is only sensible business – it makes sense to follow a path that has already proven successful, and customers are more open […]

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Postcard Best Practices #1 – Headline

  Your headline is the first thing your customer will read; get it wrong and it’ll be the only thing they read. Direct mail postcards live and die on their headlines. You need to make your direct mail headline compelling and attention-grabbing, as well as set the theme for the entire mail. With that one […]

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Postcard Best Practices #2 – Who Are You

  One of the important parts of your direct mail postcard is conveying who it is being sent from. Readers will make an immediate snap decision about how much attention they will give your direct mail from first impressions. Who you are and how this information is conveyed is a big part of hooking them […]

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Great News for 2014 Home Improvement Industry Growth

Home improvement professionals hold a close place in my heart. I love their work ethic, their ingenuity and their dedication to their trade. To me, they’ve always been The “Salt of the Earth” peeps. I’m also a little biased because when we started Opportunity Knocks back in 2005, home pros were the majority of our […]

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