Direct Mail Best Practice #5 – Increase Closing Rates Up to 50%!

Few people want to be the first to take the plunge, even if the idea does look alluring. Social proof is a huge part of most purchasing decisions – people want to know that other people that they respect have made the same choice in the past, validating their own decision to go ahead and buy your product. Testimonials offer that social proof, and are an important part of your marketing effort.

The Power of Testimonials

It is undeniable that testimonials and references are powerful sales converters. In a study performed by a behavioral research company, social proof was shown to be a stronger motivator when it came to purchasing decisions than low prices did. Another study showed that testimonials are the driving force behind 20-50% of customers’ purchasing decisions.

Despite this compelling evidence, less than one third of companies are actively seeking out good references or testimonials from their happy clients – a mistake that you certainly should not make when marketing your products.

Who Should I Get to Make the Testimonial?

Consider your audience and whether they will align themselves with the person making the testimonial. If, for example, your primary customers are senior software developers, then a glowing review from a high profile senior software developer will have the reader putting themselves in this satisfied developer’s boots.

If your testimonial comes from a high profile individual you may need to entice them somewhat for their time and the use of their image, either through a discount on your products or for cold hard cash, but a powerful testimonial can be worth its weight in gold. Celebrity endorsers make a big splash and lend your product a lot of credibility, especially if they naturally operate within your industry.

For great testimonials without the cost, scour online review websites. Amazon, Yelp, Google reviews, etc. – you’ll be bound to find some glowing reviews of your products. When possible, try to get the consent of the reviewer and ask them for further details on themselves and how they use your product.

Similarly, ensure your staff are trained to flag and note any incoming strong positive feedback from customers that could be used in the future as a testimonial.

Great Testimonials

The small details are what sell a good testimonial. Consumers need to believe the testimonial is genuine and not just something that your company has written to sell the product.

An image of the user of your product is a big bonus; ensure that it includes their face which lends credibility to the testimonial. Having them pictured using your product is another step up, and if the image helps show how the product can be used it kills two birds with one stone.

Video testimonials are currently the cream of the crop, especially if you are able to feature some of your high-profile clients. The beauty of video testimonials with high-profile clients is that they are very hard to fake. Include them as part of your multichannel marketing effort.

Ultimately, testimonials are affirmations that solidity the readers’ own feelings about your product, making the customer comfortable and pushing them from potential customer to convert.

Getting testimonials just right so they convert sales can be a challenge. Need help? Get in touch today at 866-319-7109 and we’ll get you started.