Postcard Best Practices #2 – Who Are You


One of the important parts of your direct mail postcard is conveying who it is being sent from. Readers will make an immediate snap decision about how much attention they will give your direct mail from first impressions. Who you are and how this information is conveyed is a big part of hooking them in.

Be Concise

It is estimated that consumers see up to 5,000 marketing messages every day. A long, rambling mailshot is likely to be quickly binned – people simply don’t have the time or patience to read it. Trim your wording over and over till you get the shortest, punchiest way of saying who you are and what your company is all about.

Be Clear

Use simple language that accurately portrays where your company is coming from. The wording should be enticing the customer to read more, showing them how your company is the one company that can solve their problem, even if it’s a problem they didn’t know that they had yet.

Be Focused

You have seconds to impress a potential customer with your direct mail, don’t waste them on superfluous information. There may be many things about your company that you’re proud of or you’d like the customer to know, but keep these for the secondary marketing level, such as when the customer visits your website or calls your business. Keep on message, and the message will come through all the stronger.

Be Congruent

Conveying who you are in your mailing is not just about the words – everything counts. A high quality printed postcard can suggest luxury or decadence, simple paper can suggest cheapness or a bargain. The typeface choices can project your company as friendly, modern, professional, local or trendy. All design choices influence how your customer sees who you are.

Much of the time, it is best to leave these details up to the professionals, and we can certainly offer assistance and guidance on how to best get the message of who you are out there to your readership. Get in contact today for more information on our services.