Direct Mail Best Practice #8 – Guarantee Your Work (a strong one) and Watch Your Sales Skyrocket

Why do marketing messages often include guarantees that seem to be tough to fulfil? It’s because they show your company’s pride and confidence in the product, help sidestep concerns customers may have about your product, and ultimately compel the customer to buy. Consider these confident headlines:

  • “Find our imported wines cheaper anywhere else and we’ll refund you double the difference.”
  • “You won’t find this product anywhere else.”
  • “Next day delivery – guaranteed.”

These types of guarantees grab the reader’s attention. They show the customer one of the main benefits of choosing your service and that you are willing to back up your statements.

A great guarantee offers the customer something in return if you fail to come through on your guarantee – money back, or even the service for free, so it removes a further barrier that’s stopping the customer from making that purchase.

Choosing a Guarantee

  • For a memorable and powerful guarantee, it is smart to truly evaluate your product or service offering. What’s your unique selling proposition that sets your company apart from the rest? Incorporate it into your guarantee. Are you the lowest cost? Offer a guarantee to best all other prices the customer can find. Do you pride yourself on selling only the highest quality goods? Offer a no-quibble returns policy.
  • You can often use your guarantee to sweep aside the largest concerns that your customers may have. Think about the biggest reason why your customer might be afraid of purchasing your product. Use your guarantee to put those fears to rest.
  • Finally, think about what part of your service could really be attractive to your customer, whether it is fast delivery, durability or exclusivity, and incorporate this into your guarantee.

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