Four Easy Tips for Creating Mind Blowing Postcard Response Rates Using Coupons

Coupons - Opportunity Knocks Postcards

Coupons are awesome! I love seeing them, getting them, using them…notice I didn’t say collect them. I’ll address that later. And I’m not alone. Since the economic challenge…it’s no secret that coupon redemption is at an all-time high.

But before I dive into coupons (and before you say “I don’t do coupons!”) let me clarify myself by saying that a coupon could also be a Call to Action Offer…Anything that gets people off the couch and either into your store or on the phone calling you.

Let me also address the “Brand Equity” stance. I certainly understand brand awareness and equity has its place. I also understand when business owners tell me they want to protect the “perception” of their brand.

However, before you decide against “an offer”…here me out. Even the top perceived brands trying to attract the ultra-affluent can effectively use offers and coupons.

Here are four easy tips to creating mind-blowing response using coupons and call to action offers.

  1. Don’t Hide It Your Offer/Coupon – Ok…DUH…right!?!?! Many times we spend too much time trying to design the perfect postcard that our offer or coupon gets lost.

    I would typically suggest the complete opposite. Use the entire ½ of your postcard design or postcard template for the offer.

    Design it in large fonts, use the word FREE in all caps to start the offer and even use the “Johnson Box” technique with a dotted line around the entire space so your eyes are automatically drawn to it.

  2. Use Dollar Amounts Vs. Percentages – Consumers are very smart. They know when certain products or services are “marked up” only to be “marked down” with your redemption of a certain percentage off.

    If possible, try to equate a dollar amount or even a value amount in actual dollars on your offers. People psychologically translate that to dollars saved. If you offer something for free…awesome by the way…make sure you put a value dollar amount by it so people understand the perceived value.

  3. Have a Purpose and Give Them Direction – When you create your coupon or offer, make sure you have a specific purpose in mind.

    For example, a Free Entrée for someone on their birthday. You want them to come in, redeem, bring others and ring up a huge guest check! Woohoo! Another example, you’re a home services company and you have a fall clean up service before winter comes or a decorating services and you have a special holiday decorating service.

    Then don’t forget the most important part! Tell them exactly what to do next to take advantage of the special deal. Call, click, walk-in.

  4. Create a Sense of Urgency – All coupons on direct mail postcards should have an expiration date. PERIOD!

    Although there are some practical purposes for coupons with long expiration dates, consumers are more likely to tuck coupons away for a rainy day unless the time frame is relatively short.

    Be sure the expiration date is clear. Customers who miss tiny or poorly placed expiration dates only to find out at the checkout counter their coupon is no good, may walk away without completing the sale…or worse…ANGRY!

    You can also create a sense of urgency by using scarcity tactics. ” Fear of Loss” will always out motivate “Opportunity for Gain.” Use words or phrases such as: Limited Time Offer, While Supplies Last, One Week Only, Only X number of appointments available.

    This will give you an added boost.

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We’ll review your current marketing and look for ways to inject your direct mail with mind blowing response difference makers.