Direct Mail Best Practice #1 – Invest in Professional Imagery

High Definition Images - Opportunity Knocks Postcards

When you go into business for yourself, image is very important. It is no secret that your professional image affects your reputation. Your reputation affects the number of clients you’ll be able to attract. The number and the quality of the clients you attract will affect your success as a business.

Now that I’ve said that, let’s talk about your direct mail marketing and how professional images can affect it.

When people look at your direct mail, similar to a first impression when someone meets you, they’re making an immediate evaluation. While sometimes, it’s an unfair evaluation, it’s their first evaluation nonetheless. This immediate evaluation could be the difference between you getting the call or your competitor who has a more professional image.

If you’re a home improvement business owner, you should be taking high resolution or professional images of your completed projects. What home owner doesn’t dream of having that perfect kitchen, backyard, or interior design? What person doesn’t experience an insatiable feeling of “I want that Steak and Lobster dinner in that ambiance!” after seeing a professional image of a restaurant’s menu and interior.

Dreams elicit emotion, emotion creates motivation and motivation creates CALLS TO YOU!

So how do you get high resolution, professional imagery? OK, you don’t need to be a professional photographer to have professional imagery.

With today’s high megapixel cameras, you can stage and shoot the images yourself. Then use a technical outsourcing website like elance, guru, or odesk to have them photoshopped for next to nothing.

Another idea…post a job search on Craig’s list or at your local college or university. Many photographers would jump at the chance to build their portfolio.

However you do it…invest in high resolution imagery. Not only does a large image draw the prospect in and get their attention, it builds credibility and keeps the customer focused on the service you are trying to sell.

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We’ll review your current marketing and look for ways to inject your direct mail with mind blowing response difference makers.