Are your competitors stealing your marketing ideas? Take this simple test!

At this point, I hope you’re beginning to realize how detrimental Platitudes can be not only to your marketing budget, but more importantly to your overall Brand. But just in case, (and to really drive home this crucial money saving point) I want to give you one last Platitude test you can do to evaluate your own marketing.

It’s called the “Who else can say that?” test.

Please pay special attention to this one. The question is not “who else can do what you do”, it’s actually, “Who else can say what you say?” The answer is usually anybody and everybody. To further explain this, let me share a simple story.

There’s an auto repair facility that is the most awesome business of its kind. It has got 63 bays and 11 mechanics, who are all fully ASC certified in all areas of specialization. They have much more high tech equipment as any of the dealerships and the floor is so clean, you can eat up on it.

They turn out 95% of all jobs in less than 24 hours and they unconditionally guarantee all repairs for 12-months. If you ever called in to check the status of your car, instead of getting the run around like you normally get in an auto dealership or typical repair shop, they would patch you directly to the actual technician working on your car by a wireless phone to tell you personally how things are going.

Their facility was second to none…however they were struggling because they have a major marketing problem.

Although everyone knew that nobody could even come close to performing at their level, their advertising look virtually identical to all their less competent competitors.

Their local direct mail, for example, used the same generalities and platitudes as everyone else, “ASC certified mechanics,” “Warranty and domestic car service” and then a long line of service offering from ASC to breaks, to transmissions and get this…they even accept visa and master card.

If you were truly starting to understand Platitudes and marketing commonalities, then you already realize that they failed the first two tests, Well, I would hope so and The Scratch Out, Write in.”

So now ask yourself the questions, “Who else can say that?”

Remember, it’s not what you can actually do. It’s who can say what you are saying. Check for yourself. What are your competitors saying? I bet that they are saying exactly what you’re saying.

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