5 Simple Words Save You Thousands On Marketing

Last week, we introduced the first Platitude test…Scratch out and Write In.  It’s simple, but very revealing!  I hope you tried this with your direct mail, postcards, advertising, etc.

I have another test for you to take.  Don’t worry, it’s super easy.  It’s 5 simple words and it will save you thousands on your marketing.

It’s called the “Well, I Would Hope So” Test.

When you make a claim or statement about your company, most business owners say what makes them feel proud about their company.  For example, you know how good it feels to say that you offer “higher quality” or something like that.  You get the point.

Instead, I want you to think about the statement as if it was entering your prospect’s ears.  If you change your mindset, you’ll soon realize how ridiculous most platitude claims or statements sound.  But to help, use these five words…When you say something; ask yourself would the prospect immediately respond by saying “Well, I would hope so!”

Let me give you some examples:

A postcard for a plumber will inevitably say, “Professionally trained and licensed plumbers.”

Now say, “Well, I would hope so” after reading that.  Guess what? IT’S A PLATITUDE!  And it’s wasting money!  You’re supposed to be a licensed contractor for crying out loud.

Another plumber used platitudes in his direct mail to convince his prospects to choose him out of the 10,000 plumbers in the area. “Committed to honest ethical service.”  Honest, ethical service, “well I would hope so.”  What do you think is he going to say?  I’m going to overcharge you, rip you off, expose my back side to your children when I bend over and your leaks still won’t be fixed after I leave, of course not.

See, to just say “honest and ethical service” is a major platitude.  It is words or phrases that are commonplace and predictable.  They lack the power to evoke interest due to overuse or repetition and they are nearly always stated as though they were original or significant.

We talk to small business owners every day.  The first question I ask…What are your major competitive advantages or differentiators. The response is either a platitude or complete silence.  It’s an easy trap to fall into to…don’t feel bad…most people do.

If after you take the 5 word test, you wish to make a significant changes, contact one of our knowledgeable marketing consultants at 866-319-7109 or at okiam@prospectsplus.com for a free marketing evaluation.  We’ll review your current marketing and look for ways to better communicate your competitive advantages in your direct mail.