High Impact Postcard Marketing Ideas for a Profitable Holiday

I use a personal trainer. I use a personal trainer even though I have been doing some type of fitness training since I was in high school. Heck, I even use to be a partner in a health club, ran all the fitness programming, designed workouts and yet I STILL use a personal trainer.

Why? Because the trainer knows my goal…I just need to show up and do what I’m told. They handle it all!

Wouldn’t this same concept be totally cool for the holidays? The Holiday Personal Trainer…I just show up to the holidays and my shopping list, menu for dinner, all family visitor accommodations and every holiday card is done!

Holiday Marking Ideas - Opportunity Knocks PostcardsI just push the “Yes Button” and it all just happens!

Well this might not be a total reality, but you certainly can get a head start.

Here are some last minute, high impact, marketing ideas from your holiday personal trainer to create a spike in revenue when everyone else is taking the holidays off!

All you need to do is push the button…

  1. Holiday Clean Up – I was just in New England and leaves were everywhere! Landscape companies can promote holiday clean up sales by using Radius/Neighborhood postcard marketing to easily execute. Neighbors will see your trucks cleaning up the neighbor’s house…Give them the “neighborhood deal” and you will get more jobs instantly.
  2. Home Décor – For those of you who sell home accessories or decorating services…who doesn’t want their house in pristine condition when family arrives? Now is the time to offer 1 week only deals to get them ready.
  3. Short Expirations or “Blow-Out” Sales – Blow out sales combined with short expirations dates, create instant action. Find services or products that have a low cost but high value and blow them out! Fear of loss is very motivating…make sure you put a short timeframe on your postcard expiration. There’s a reason Black Friday works so well…follow their lead!
  4. Holiday Parties – OK…I know all of us go to holiday parties, but for some people finding the right place to host one is very tough. If you own a restaurant, this is a no-brainer. You can do a targeted direct mail campaign to corporate offices and filter by employee size so you know you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

    If you have a storefront, design center or bricks and mortar business, throw a customer appreciation party…great way to show off all those holiday decorations (and blow out sales Smiley ). Don’t forget the invitations!

  5. Past/Current Customer Thank You’s – This might be obvious, but sometime the obvious is often overlooked. If you’re not sending some type of thank you card to your customers at Thanksgiving…ask yourself…how long will they stay customers?

These are just a few ideas from your Holiday Personal Trainer…we have more! Just push the “Yes Button!”

Let’s get our holiday cheer on and turn up the heat on your competition while they’re relaxing with their eggnog!

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