Want Postcard Marketing Success? Tune into station WII FM

There are tons of ideas on how to make postcard marketing a success. Offers, fonts, images, designs, coupons. We’ve talked about some and you probably know tons more.

However, even if your postcard design has world class marketing ideas, it will absolutely fail if you forget one thing.

Before I give you the “One Thing,” I’d like to ask you to think about some of your first dates. Did you enjoy them? If so, why? Or, were they a complete nightmare? If so, why?

My guess, the difference between the two came down to one thing…Where was most of the attention?

The most engaging dates, the ones that really get response and spark fireworks, didn’t have “that guy or girl” that talked about themselves the entire time!

You remember those people…they were boring, self-centered and not only did you not show any interest but you were probably a bit annoyed.

The foundation of postcard marketing is the same.

We call it “Tuning into the station WII FM.” What’s In It For Me!

As business owners and leaders, we’re proud of our products and services. You should be! However, don’t let pride get in the way of successful marketing. Traditionally, business owners and leaders will create an ad that is littered with all the great things they do?

  • We do this….”
  • “We have this…”
  • “We’re the fastest…”
  • “We’re the greatest…”

Sounds like one of those awful first dates, doesn’t it?

Your customers and prospects do not care about you…they care about meeting their own needs… “What’s In It For Me!”

Changing this mindset when creating a postcard is actually very easy.

You’ve heard of features and benefits. Here’s an easy way to remember the difference. A feature is important to you…and when you say one it sounds like this: “We’re on time, every time!” A benefit is what is important to the customer…The outcome or experience. “If we’re late, you don’t pay…period!”

The focus shifts from you to them…even down to the words “We’re” to “You”.

  • You will experience this…”
  • You will have peace of mind…”
  • You’re safe with our guarantee…”

If you take the time to truly understand what benefits your customers will experience from your products and services, you will begin to see a dramatic difference in engagement and response.  Focus your message on the audience…answer their question… “What’s In It for Me!”

Remember, this is all about the customer NOT about the company sending the card.

Shift your mindset and you will have many successful “first dates” in your postcard marketing.

Take a look at your direct mail…if you wish to make significant changes, contact one of our knowledgeable marketing consultants at 866-319-7109 or at okiam@prospectsplus.com for a free marketing evaluation. We’ll review your current marketing and look for ways to inject your direct mail with mind blowing response difference makers.