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Why you NEED to continue marketing in a recession

Why you NEED to market in a recession!  By Crystal Pope  You’ve heard the saying before, “Learn from the mistakes of others”. Take a look at other businesses-those that have been around long enough to survive the ups and downs of our economy. On the flip side, take a look at businesses that have failed […]

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The New Generation of Marketing

The New Generation of Marketing  By Crystal Pope  They were raised in the digital age.  Internet, cell phones and computers are high on their list of necessities.  They lead busy lives; communicate via email, texts and social media.  “They” are Generation X and Generation Y. While these younger generations lead vastly different lives than their […]

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The 1 Guaranteed Way To Reach Your Target Market

The ONE Guaranteed Way To Reach Your Target Market  By Crystal Pope Marketing to the right set of eyes is essential. Your message must be applicable to the person viewing it. Customers need to feel a connection to what you are offering- a sense of relevancy. A prospect is much more likely to respond to […]

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Benefits of Marketing with PURLs

Benefits of Marketing with PURLs By Crystal Pope How do you measure the results of your marketing campaign? There are many ways to track the results of your marketing efforts. But, what if you had a way to track those who have an interest in your product or service but may not have taken the […]

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Baby Boomers-a marketer’s dream!

Baby Boomers-a marketer’s dream! By Crystal Pope The oldest of the Baby Boomer generation were born in 1946. They grew up in a time of change and it is, therefore, no surprise that they differ, greatly, from the generations before them. They defy many pre-conceived notions and perceptions of senior citizens. Unlike their predecessors, Baby […]

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The Power of Postcards

By Crystal Pope Postcard marketing made its debut 139 years ago, when a postcard advertisement appeared in Great Britain. Since then, the industry of postcard marketing quickly grew and evolved into an influential and successful marketing tool. Today, the power of postcards is irrefutable. In a 2007 survey conducted by Vertis Communications, 46% of adults […]

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5 Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Marketing

By Crystal Pope -Not marketing to the right audience The #1 most important element of a direct marketing campaign is the list! Marketing to the wrong audience can be detrimental to your marketing efforts. Market the right message to the right set of eyes. Your message and offer must be applicable to the person receiving […]

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Postcard Marketing:  Five Facts for Today’s Market Leaders

Postcard marketing? Direct mail?  That’s old school stuff right?  Well yes – and no.  What business owners and entrepreneurs are finding out in today’s economy is that sometimes to move forward, it’s REALLY smart to look back.  By taking a lesson from direct mail experts of old and implementing now technology and tools, you can […]

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