The New Generation of Marketing

The New Generation of Marketing

 By Crystal Pope

 They were raised in the digital age.

 Internet, cell phones and computers are high on their list of necessities.

 They lead busy lives; communicate via email, texts and social media.

 “They” are Generation X and Generation Y.

While these younger generations lead vastly different lives than their older counterparts, they do have some of the same preferences.

Like many others, you might believe that to market to Generation X and Y you have to reach them via email, internet or social media. These generations are inundated with digital advertising, because this is what most people believe they want.

However, contrary to popular belief, today’s young consumers still really like to get mail!

First off, who are Gen X and Gen Y?

Gen X

  • Born between 1965-1976
  • Make up 17% of the population

Gen Y

  • Born between 1977-1994
  • Make up 25% of the population

Recent research has proven that both of these generations love to get mail! They value and respond to the personal and physical connection that mail creates. This connection is, often, something that is lacking in the flood of digital messages they are exposed to.

Mail grabs their attention

70% of Gen X and 82% of Gen Y sort through their mail immediately

  • 67% of Gen X and 66% of Gen Y read advertising mail every week

 Mail plays a big part in their lives

 Young consumers rate 75% of the mail they receive as valuable

  • 40% of Gen X and 55% of Gen Y hold on to catalogs for an extended period and browse through them, repeatedly
  • 58% of Gen X and 66% of Gen Y prefer to manage their finances through mailed, paper bills, as opposed to online bills

Mail influences their purchasing decisions

 74% of Gen X and 68% of Gen Y read retail advertising mail

  • 55% of Gen X and 50% of Gen Y reported reading direct mail in the past week
  • 68% of Gen X and 74% of Gen Y have used coupons provided to them through direct mail

So, despite preconceived notions about today’s young consumers, they still do have some similarities to the generations before them. It has been proven that mail transcends the generations. It remains a personal experience that is an important part of everyone’s lives, regardless of age.

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