The 1 Guaranteed Way To Reach Your Target Market

The ONE Guaranteed Way To Reach Your Target Market

 By Crystal Pope

Marketing to the right set of eyes is essential. Your message must be applicable to the person viewing it. Customers need to feel a connection to what you are offering- a sense of relevancy. A prospect is much more likely to respond to an offer or service that they have an interest in or a need for.

With the large array of marketing channels available to you, how do you know that your message is getting to the right set of eyes?

Here, we take a look at a few popular marketing techniques:

Door hangers-

Distributing door to door is becoming less feasible. With the rising cost of gas, your budget for delivering your marketing this way will skyrocket! Many communities are gated; keeping you out of the eyes of what could be your perfect customer.


Email can be a highly effective marketing tool. And it is a great idea to integrate email into your overall marketing campaign. However, do not rely on it is your only form of marketing.

With the growing popularity of email, consumers’ inboxes are flooded on a daily basis. Your email could easily get overlooked or deleted without the recipient ever even glancing at your message. With the increase in email, comes a higher likelihood of consumers opting out of your emails or marking them as spam-preventing you from reaching them, again, in the future.

Newspaper Ads-

Is your product or service necessary to everyone? Do people, regardless of income, age or lifestyle purchase your product or service? If you answered “yes” to these questions, a newspaper ad could work. However, even then it lacks the personal touch and level of interaction needed to grab attention.

If you have a more targeted demographic, you need a more targeted form of marketing.

Direct Mail-

Direct mail is the ONLY, one GUARANTEED way to reach your target market!

  • It is delivered to communities that gates may keep you out of placing your door hangers.
  • It cannot be “deleted”-even if a customer throws it away, they have to at least glance at it first (this is where a compelling offer plays a huge role!).
  • It is personal and can be customized with the recipient’s name, a personalized URL (PURL) and images most relevant to the recipient.
  • Direct mail is the next closest thing to having a conversation with your ideal customer. Through the use of new direct mail technologies, such as PURLs, a “dialogue” can be developed-creating a high-level of engagement.
  • Direct mail is targeted and allows you to send to your “perfect” customer through the use of demographic-specific mailing lists.

Is your perfect customer 30-55 years old, with an income of $50,000+ and a pet-owner?

No problem! Direct mail can reach them!

Remember, in marketing, quality is more important than quantity. Your goal should be to reach those with the highest propensity to buy, rather than the most amount of people that may or may not have a need for your product or service.

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