Benefits of Marketing with PURLs

Benefits of Marketing with PURLs

By Crystal Pope

How do you measure the results of your marketing campaign?

There are many ways to track the results of your marketing efforts.

But, what if you had a way to track those who have an interest in your product or service but may not have taken the steps to contact you, yet, or respond to your offer?

This method of tracking is possible with PURLs. PURLs stand for Personalized URL’s.

A PURL incorporates the recipient’s name, through the use of variable data, into a customized web site.

PURLs provide the following benefits:


Relevancy drives response. Consumers, today, are inundated with advertising. They, therefore, tend to pay attention only to those which are most relevant to them.

PURLs contain the prospects name and provide an interactive, personalized experience. This personalization grabs attention, making your marketing stand out in a crowd!

Real-time tracking

PURLs provide real-time tracking, via an online dashboard and automated emails, notifying you each time a client has interacted with your PURL. This allows for instant follow up while the idea of your product or service is still fresh in the minds of the perspective consumer.


PURLs provide an interactive experience. Unlike a normal advertisement, PURLs create a dialogue of sorts. They provide information, while obtaining information from the consumer, as well. This information can benefit the consumer, by allowing you to customize the follow up information that is provided to them. It gives you the opportunity to present them with the information and/or services they have the most need for. In turn, the information they provide to you becomes a part of your marketing database and can be used in future campaigns to target them based on their specific needs.

Increased Response Rates

As mentioned, previously, relevancy drives response.

A case study, utilizing PURLs, was conducted by Albertson College in Idaho.

  • Thousands of brochures were sent out to perspective college students, advertising the programs available at the college, resulting in a 2% response rate.
  • The college, then, started using variable data technology. They sent perspective students personalized direct mail, featuring a PURL, and saw their response rates soar to 18.7%!

According to a study by the Aberdeen Group, 91% of the “best in class” companies saw an improvement in their online conversion rates, after incorporating personalized technology into their marketing campaigns.

PURLs are relevant, engaging, provide instant tracking and increase response rates.

They provide that level of “instant gratification” that consumers and business owners, alike, are looking for.

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