Baby Boomers-a marketer’s dream!

Baby Boomers-a marketer’s dream!

By Crystal Pope

The oldest of the Baby Boomer generation were born in 1946. They grew up in a time of change and it is, therefore, no surprise that they differ, greatly, from the generations before them.

They defy many pre-conceived notions and perceptions of senior citizens.

Unlike their predecessors, Baby Boomers are proving to be liberal spenders.

  • They purchase 50% of all luxury vehicles and 80% of all travel.

You may think they are stuck in their ways, but Boomers have show that they are as willing as younger consumers to try new brands.

Boomers lead busy lives!

  • 80% of Baby Boomers plan on continuing to work into their 60s.
  • Many Boomers return to school, start a business or take on a new career during the time typically considered their “retirement” years.

 I’m sure you are starting to see the potential in the Boomer market. Now, you may be asking yourself, “What is the best way to deliver your message to them?”

Mail gets their attention!

  • 95% of boomers sort through their mail the day they retrieve it from their mailbox
  • 79% bring in their mail the day it is delivered
  • 50% report looking forward to receiving mail each day

Baby Boomers continue to spend, are willing to try new things and, often, lead lives just as busy and the younger generations. They still have a need and desire to purchase services and products. You could be missing out on this ideal market!

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