Setting the “Stage” for an Ideal Partnership

How a Professional Interior Designer and a Top Real Estate Agent Joined Forces for Success

By Julie Escobar, Director of Corporate Marketing

It’s always wonderful to hear different perspectives from folks who are thinking outside the box out there in their businesses and finding new ways to not only do more business, but do it effectively, affordably, and sharing the heavy lifting. Such is the case for Denton County, Texas Interior Decorator Jennifer Manley. Recently, I caught up with Jennifer to learn more about this how they are forging new relationships, and new business opportunities in their market together!

Here’s what we learned…

Q: What a pleasure speaking with you Jennifer! Before we get started, can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

A: I purchased my franchise in August 2011, so we’ve just celebrated our 3rd birthday! I have a bachelor of fine arts degree and was a photographer for over 12 years. I decided it was my time to have my own company and do what I love. The Manley Design Team is now in the top ten percent of our company for 2014! We are so excited to be a part of such an elite group of decorators. Decorating Den Interiors is an amazing franchise and I wouldn’t be where I am today without their support. On a personal note my husband and I have been married for 9 1/2 years. We have a 4 year old son and one more on the way. Our family is expanding as fast as my business and I’m so fortunate to have their encouragement daily.

Q: That’s awesome. I love your outside-the-box approach to business – can you tell us what first attracted you to the Dominator System?

A: I will be honest, when I was approached to be a part of the test market for the Dominator I thought they were crazy. I thought they had blown up the original piece to emphasize the graphics. Then I realized it was actual size and it was obnoxious! After the introductory call I realized how valuable this piece was going to be to my marketing plan and bottom line. Our Dominator beats any other piece in this category. The glossy paper, the eye catching layout, the beautiful photography all sets me apart from every other marketing piece prospects receive. And the price per piece and turnkey ordering system make the Dominator the easiest marketing that I do.

Q: You work with a REALTOR as a marketing partner – can you tell us about that experience – how you found her and how she’s using the Dominator to market her business as well?

A: I partner with a Keller Williams agent I met in a networking group. She is among the top Realtors in her region and it’s seemed natural that we partner up. She also works in the same area and has the same demographics (home value, dual income, etc.) as I do. Her team creates a different ad each month to coincide with her other promotions.

Q: It seems as though the Decorator-Agent partnership is just smart business. It helps the agent set the stage for making a home as salable as possible, and sets the decorator up as the staging expert to work with as well. And the homeowner gets their home sold for the most money with the least hassle! What a win-win-win. How has it been working as a team?

A: It has been working well. I’ve partnered with an agent that has the same business philosophy as I do. So I know when I refer her to my clients they are in good hands and vice-versa. When she sends me a referral she sends as many details as possible for how she thinks her client should present their home. I never want to contradict what she has told them, however I want to meet their needs within their budget. Sometimes when it comes to staging it’s easier on the client to have someone in their corner to play “bad cop”. I do that with a tender touch. A home I decorated for one of my clients listed their home with my REALTOR and it sold in two days – before it was listed on MLS. Beautifully decorated homes will go fast and for top dollar.

Q: You mentioned to me that you changed carrier routes after your initial order – what advice would you give others who are just in the process of choosing theirs?

A: Find an area where you have layered with other marketing strategies – i.e. magazine ads, sponsorships, have visibility because of your vehicle with your business logo. Find an area you are willing to drive. We changed our original routes because we determined it was too far away.

Q: Any words of wisdom you can share with others who’d like to adopt this savvy salesmanship idea?

A: Find a partner that carries the same business values as you do. It will make referring them much easier. Show the Dominator to your potential partner, it speaks for itself. Know your demographic and go into the meeting with your potential partner with the proposed carrier routes, costs and timing. Set up a reminder each month in your calendar or email to send your partner an email with deadlines for ad revisions. Lastly, I did not put my partners in my contract to participate in my Dominator program. If they chose to not participate I can add a newsletter article about my business or find a new partner. I always have someone waiting in the wings.

Q: If our readers would like to connect with you – what’s the best website or social media address for them to do just that?

A: Sure – or

Great insights Jennifer. Learn more about how the Market Dominator System is helping professionals set the stage for success in today’s market. Need help? Contact our team at 866.319.7109 today!