Writing DM Postcards

I love a donut.  I really do.  This weekend I was in a donut shop that features all manner of donut variety that you can think of.  Cake, yeast, sprinkles, vegan-friendly, slathered in glaze or ‘dry’, filled, dipped and drizzled, and everything in between.  The donuts looked fantastic and were visually inviting; tempting, even.  And what’s more, they tasted delicious!  That’s strange information for you right at the beginning of this article, I know.  But it will make sense in a minute.

There are so many schools of thought when it comes to getting your business’ message out to your audience.  Not all of them are great, and some of them look better from the outside than from within.  Whatever option you pick – and we all know what my pick is – you need to ensure the message is easy to deliver, easy to absorb, and makes the reader crave what they’re reading.  It’s critical to realize that any option can attempt to get your message across.  But it’s these 7 Best Practices of Postcard Design that leave everything else in the dust: 

  • Stand out headlines and subheads: You never want the reader to have to ‘do the math’ when evaluating your postcard.  Do it for them by making GREAT use of headlines and subheads.  Draw their eye where you need it to go.  You’re in a position to move the ball forward by telling them exactly what you want them to know with your use of creative headlines and subheads.
  • Get in & Get out: Your postcard is the perfect entry point to get inside your prospect’s brain without making them commit to pages and pages of what I call ‘get there’ or set-up material.   Postcards allow you to cluster the most important information, get the reader’s attention, position the Call-to-Action, and get out of their way.
  • Headlines should sell, NOT describe: If you’re going to use them, use them to your advantage. Again, don’t make the reader do the math. Tell them, for example, how your product will benefit them.  That is much more powerful than simply telling them that it ‘will’ benefit them.  Tell them WHY they need your product or service.
  • Separate important elements: Pictures and call out boxes are great for this.  Imagine how much information you can pack onto two sides of a postcard.  And then…don’t do that.  Thinking about clustering your thoughts (above: Get in & Get out) you want to ensure you aren’t muddying the message. A block about the benefits, a block featuring your Call-to-Action, your company logo, pictures of the product or your staff, whatever. Lift and separate, as it were. No reason to cram everything together.
  • Use short sections of copy: We’ve ALL pulled a postcard out of the mail that is absolutely covered with words. You probably didn’t read the whole thing, or never quite figured out what the postcard was intended to sell you. Don’t be that person. Drop short and descriptive sentences, if you must, and break up the commitment your readers have to absorb your message. Bored readers don’t often turn into leads or sales.
  • Numbered or Bulleted lists: Everybody loves a list. The only hard part is making sure the reader isn’t considering what you’ve listed as being in order of importance or benefit to them. Readers will make up their own mind as to what they think is most important.
  • Contact information: Ironically, this is the most important thing you’re going to ever put on your postcard.  The most mind-blowing benefits and the ‘you can’t live without this’ Call-to-Action is worthless if they don’t know how to reach you.

Donuts, like postcards, are purpose-built, and they have their specific audiences.  There are variations in the themes, the design, the content, the little things on top that catch your eye, different flavors and they feel different in your hand.  But what they have in common is that they make you want what’s being advertised.

Give Opportunity Knocks a call today.  Our Success Coaches are standing by with a pantry full of the best recipes and ingredients…ready to help you create the perfect campaign to attract your leads and future clients!  Besides, everybody knows that sprinkles AND  postcards are for winners!