Why Content Marketing?

When you think about ‘Content Marketing’, does it make you nervous or sweaty or both? If it does, know that you’re not alone. But also know that content marketing comes in many different forms, and lots of people are taking advantage of its benefits to help sell their products or gather more leads. The idea of putting yourself out there and asking your target audience to read more about your product or service doesn’t have to make you want to vomit, trust me.

There are tons of examples of content marketing: from blogs to social media platforms to articles in magazines (print and online) to eBooks and beyond. If you can think of a way to get your message out to your prospective clients, there is a content marketing platform for you to use. But the magic of content marketing doesn’t come from the countless ways you can use it, but the countless reasons to use it. These 5 Content Marketing Motives Drive Engagement:

  1. Breeds more inquiries – Goes without saying. By offering free access to content marketing thought leadership pieces, you give the prospect a much better chance at understanding how your product is going to benefit them. And the more they can picture your product making their day or lives easier, the more inquiries you’ll have, and (according to plan) the more opportunities you’ll have to make that sale.
  2. Makes the prospect beholden – Requesting content marketing from a phone number, email address, QR Code, or Internet link on your postcard tells you there is interest, and that the prospective client will have some skin in the game. They wouldn’t go that extra mile if they weren’t interested. And in the spirit of give and take, the prospect might not feel required to make a purchase from you, but it certainly can lengthen the time they’re willing to spend with you – which, in turn, gives you more time to try and land that sale.
  3. Sets the stage – In a contact marketing article, especially, you’re both asking the question which focuses on a pain point, but you’re also providing the solution which will alleviate that pain point. You’re able to set the stage, set up the villain, set up the solution, and ultimately position your company as the best choice to eliminate that pain.
  4. Establishes you as the expert – Publishing an article on the reasons to consider automating your AP processes, or the ‘4 Rules of A Healthy Lawn’ gives you instant credibility in the eyes of the reader, and establishes that you are an expert in your field.
  5. Drives sales – Buyers want to have confidence that what they’re paying for is the right move. Effective content marketing, used at the right times during the sales process/cycle, can boost that confidence, answer questions unasked, and move the prospect closer to signing on the dotted line.

Ricky Bobby (Talladega Nights) says, “If you ain’t first, you’re last.” If you’re in business, your goal is to continuously acquire additional sales. If you’re contemplating (or currently employing) a postcard program, your goal is to attract as many new leads (and, ultimately, sales) as possible for as little financial layout as you get away with [we’ve done articles on ROI in the past]. Especially, if you’ve got a product or solution that is complicated, takes more than a postcard to educate the buyer about, or the sales cycle for that product or solution would benefit from an extended conversation without an obligation to buy, you absolutely need to have that content marketing available, and ready to be put into the hands of your audience before your competition gets to them.

Whether you’re using a blog, an industry newsletter, an Instagram or Facebook account, a series of TikTok videos, whatever, the choice is yours. Give Opportunity Knocks a call today. We’ve got Success Coaches standing by with the expertise you need to create a postcard campaign that incorporates great ways to broadcast your content marketing, grow your business, and beat Ricky Bobby to the finish line every time!