What can you learn from the Super Bowl?

  By Crystal Pope

Scandalous, Sexy, Hilarious….MEMORABLE!

With the average cost of a Super Bowl ad being $3 million for a 30 second spot, the ads have to be effective!

Yes, Super Bowl advertisers have marketing budgets beyond what most can imagine. 

While I don’t expect you to run out and purchase a spot on next year’s game, there are lessons to be learned from these advertisers. 

Make it like-able, make it relevant and make it memorable! 

Whether you are spending $3 million on an ad or $300, these should be your goals. 

You have to grab attention quickly, communicate your message and persuade the consumer to take action.

How exactly do you accomplish this? 

There are several marketing strategies that have proven to be successful, regardless of marketing scale or budget: Problem/Solution – Illustrate a problem and show how YOU can solve it. People will relate and look to you as the solution. Promise a benefit – The biggest questions consumers ask is “what’s in it for me?” Focus not on the service or product you provide, but on what that service or product can do for the potential buyer. Will it save them time, money, etc? Testimonials – Testimonials can build trust, provide recognition and build interest. Above all, they engage the audience! Emotional appeal – Create a connection and draw the consumer in. This strategy has a powerful impact and relies on emotions such as the sense of fear, guilt, joy, hope or trust.  Here are some examples of Super Bowl Ads that have used these strategies:

Monster.com: Appeals to the emotions, while at the same time exemplifying a benefit by answering the question “what’s in it for me?”


Fed Ex Pigeons: Albeit exaggerated – illustrates a problem and provides a solution (Fed Ex).