Multi-Channel Marketing – Part 4 – Website Visabilty

Part 4 of our 5 part series outlines the importance of your main company website and why it plays a key role in the multi-channel marketing mix.

These days, it appears that having a company web site is almost as common as having a business card.  Surprisingly, this isn’t true.  According to a recent study, 46% of small business owners DO NOT have a web site!

If you’re one of the 46%, consider the following reasons for creating your web site before the end of the month.

Visibility is the biggest benefit by far.  In addition, your site and information should be found in search results by google, bing, and yahoo. Your basic information, such as phone number, hours, and your address should be easily found. Years ago, the yellow pages was the way your information was found but now most people use the internet.

Assuming your site is properly built, a company with a website looks a lot more credible then a business without one. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, your customers and potential customers should know how to find you.

To some up the importance of a website just think…

A website allows your customer to reach you at anytime, every day of the week. They dont have to wait until you open in the morning just to have a simple question answered. They can send you an email or an instant message instantly. In, addition, by browsing your website they may be able to find the answer they are looking for.

Many small business operators have been disappointed with the results achieved by their websites.

Things To Watch Out For:

  • Out-dated website with old graphics and styles
  • Poor website construction (Not Search Engine Friendly)
  • No Call to action or easy way for them to contact you.
  • Poor Targeting and Content
  • No Local search optimization

Local search is the ability to search and find a business or company in your local market.  For example, a local pizza shop in Miami Florida should be visible on when searched for “pizza shop miami fl” Search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing are the main 3 places that consumers go to research and find your products and services.

The ability to cater your website for local search provides real opportunities for small businesses looking to compete with other companies in the same local market.

Local search has emerged as one of the most important pieces to a companies business model. No organization can afford to ignore its importance.

Improvements occur constantly. Website development has been made easier, but the marketing challenge has become greater as more organizations have recognised the importance of web marketing.

In summary, no business or organization, large or small, can ignore the importance of maintaining a web presence.

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