Using Social Media to Jumpstart Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign!

As you know, I’m in the marketing business.  But what you may not know is that I constantly argue with other marketing professionals about digital marketing vs. direct mail marketing. Some see direct mail as a dying medium and instead focus exclusively on digital marketing.

My opinion?

The most effective marketing campaigns are ones that can seamlessly work in all forms of media, including direct mail. Heck, even Google continues to make a significant investment into direct mail.  Check out the image!

During the month of July, my team and I are going to provide you with FIVE easy to implement tips to integrate social media into your direct mail to make killer cross media campaigns. But before we start…let’s start with one basic concept.

The fact remains that direct mail is still a very viable means to get your message out there especially if you are trying to drum up some local buzz. There are also a lot of ways you can use your direct mailers to augment your social media, too.

Bottom line…while there are many ways you can use direct mail to augment your social media, there really is only one significant common detonator between social media and direct mail.

Definite Interest.

Let me explain.  Just like with email marketing and social media, direct mail isn’t just about how many people come across your link or your direct mail. It’s about how many people click on it, read it or open it. When developing a social media page, you must avoid the misconception of just looking at the number of fans but instead, look at the number of page views you get from interested eyeballs. The same is true with direct mail. It isn’t about market saturation, it’s about how many people take action.

It used to be much harder to measure definite interest with direct mail because you could not track how many people opened your envelope or read your postcard. Well, you can now by using personalized urls (Purls) or by using your Facebook page to boost your campaign and give you measurable results.

So remember to stay tuned in the coming weeks for those easy to implement tips for creating killer cross media campaigns.