The Dominator Delivers for the Dec Den’s #1 Franchise!


Conventional thinking in most marketing circles is that nobody does direct mail marketing anymore, direct mail is too expensive, and it doesn’t work in today’s dynamic, internet driven landscape.

These same thinkers say, shift your marketing budgets to social media, email, and the newest addition, mobile media.

Not so fast my friend!

According to studies done by the American Affluence Research Center, Direct mail is probably the most cost-efficient method for reaching the truly affluent, i.e. the wealthiest U.S. households — These are the households with a net worth of $800,000 or more and incomes of 200,000 plus.”

By coupling targeted data with the right message and a strong branded presence companies can be 100% sure they capture these more affluent consumers. These are the same consumers who don’t typically surf the web on a daily basis. They are the same group of consumers that are not glued to a computer screen updating their Facebook account. These are the consumers who have more disposable income and are more likely to purchase your products or services if they feel you’ve invested in them.

Check out The Landry Team’s Success with The Market Dominator.

“We got a great new customer from The Dominator Postcard. They had only been in their home for 6 months when reaching out to us. While Lee was originally drawn to an extremely traditional window treatment application, which already produced $4,000 and her furnishings called for a completely different look. It became evident, almost immediately, that she needed us and I was happy to help!”

The Landry Team

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