Think everyone is online? Think again!

By Crystal Pope

Think everyone is online? Think again!

Even Google and Yahoo use direct mail!

Why would companies with such a large internet advertising presence turn to direct mail?

Because they know it is the best way to reach a specific, targeted audience.

An integrated approach, combining print and web marketing can drive a great response rate. A 2009 study showed that direct mail encourages 76% of internet users to buy a product or service online.

Why use direct mail?

Research shows that integrating digital advertising with direct mail can increase customer spend by almost 25%.

Direct mail is perceived as more personal than email. People respond more and more favorably to information that is personal.

Direct mail is tangible. A physical postcard can be held and retained. It creates a greater amount of interaction, garners attention and makes it memorable.

Now….how do you use direct mail to drive online traffic?

Here are some tips:

Include an attractive offer: Give them a reason to visit your website. Offer a discount, free trial, or sample just for visiting your website.

Make it personal: Create a custom experience by including the recipient’s name, a personalized URL (PURL) or street/neighborhood name. Personalized text and URLs (PURLs) will grab attention, encouraging the prospect to continue reading, and create intrigue, driving them to visit a website personalized just for them!

Create urgency: Push response with a deadline. Limit the time frame, make the offer “exclusive” and provide a clear plan of action. As with any form of marketing, people are more likely to respond when they know they have a limited time to do so. Make your prospect understand that there is a benefit to responding now.

There are many tactics you can use to drive traffic to your website. Direct mail, in this ever-evolving digital age, remains a personal, affordable and efficient way to increase your website traffic.

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