The Spouse Effect

Easiest Way to Sell During the Holidays

Thanks to Christmas, Valentines Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays, and more, married couples are constantly purchasing goods and services for their significant others.

The good news is, we know his wife’s interests, where she shops, what she buys, and we know how to get him to purchase your goods or services for her.

Our new Targeted Spouse System allows you to target a person’s husband or wife to purchase gifts for their partner during the time when it matters most.

We were recently approved to access the most up-to-date data confirming all married couples currently living together. This data is the driving force behind securing new customers looking for gifts for their husband or wife.
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After testing this new data with some relevant offers, we saw huge response rates from the consumer and it became evident that all of our partners should have access to it.  Most importantly, with Christmas and Valentines Day just around the corner, it is essential to start creating a holiday campaign targeting your best customers.

Businesses who offer the type of goods or services couples purchase as gifts for each other can now use our personalized postcards and data to capture them.

Simply put, when you take personalized direct mail and couple it with relevant data, you are able to gain more new customers and increase sales.  By mailing during these peak shopping months you add a relevant message that is extremely hard to overlook. It’s the perfect formula for a successful campaign.

The OK Spouse Targeting System can finally help you effectively reach the consumers who are looking for gifts throughout the year.  If your business offers goods or services that would appeal to a husband or wife as a gift then this system is for you.

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