Would you ever have thought you’d be reading a blog post about how working out and direct mail campaigns are the same?  Okay, not so much the same, but exercising and a fantastic direct mail strategy both have the promise of being predictably successful when you follow some of the same, simple rules.


(If you’re sweating just thinking about your direct mail campaign, you should probably stop now and go see a doctor.  I’m just saying.)


No, really, there are 4 pretty standard practices you MUST employ when working out that are literally identical to what you have to put into a direct mail campaign.  You’ll not only look amazing for your next high school reunion…but you’ll also be able to gloat about how well your business is doing!


1.) You Get Out What You Put In! You wouldn’t run around the block to train for a marathon, so don’t take the path of least resistance when creating your mailing.  Do more than find a funny quote or picture, slap your contact information in the corner, and wait for business to roll your way.  You have to put thought into what you’re sending your prospects.  Consider what you want their immediate reaction to be.  Picture your prospects being engaged, reading, and wanting to call you for more information.  Strong effort yields strong results!


2.) Go BIG! Don’t pull any muscles here!  But think about using a slightly larger than average postcard to really show off.  Use the extra space to highlight your company’s gorgeous logo, or make the pictures of your service technicians even more crisp and personable.  Know that when your prospect pulls that postcard from their box, they’ll be intrigued and will find themselves reading the ENTIRE card just to see what in the world you’re telling them!


3.) Stay Consistent! All of the workout program informercials I’ve ever seen tell you that you can’t just put the tape in once and suddenly have your miracle body.  Right?  (Or am I watching the wrong ones?)  A great direct mail campaign will require consistent – and tailored – outreach to maximize the success you’re looking for.


4.) Track Your Results! This one is where you can really fall off the wagon, or get frustrated that your biceps…er…your business isn’t growing as quickly as you hoped.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  There are lots of simple ways to track what you’re sending out to prospects.  You can base what’s been mailed against the kind of responses you’ve received and how – whether email or phone calls – the prospects are reaching out to you to introduce themselves to your business.


If you’re a business owner who feels like they’ve tried everything under the sun to attract new prospects to your business, ask yourself how many of the rules above you’ve been able to stick with – or even tried at all.  The key is running this list from 1-4.  Proven, repeatable, and sustainable success depends on setting a goal, and understanding what it takes to see the kinds of results you know you’re capable of producing.  You can DO this!  You’ve GOT this!


As always, we’re here to pump you up!  Give Opportunity Knocks a call at (866) 319-7109.  Let us be your personal trainers, ensuring you find – and follow – the path toward memorable and effective direct mail campaigns.  We’ve helped tens of thousands of small businesses in nearly every industry picture success, and we look forward to helping yours, too!