How Your Service Should Speak for Itself

Let me ask you this question: When you want to buy something, do you just go to the store and pick it up? Depending on what it is you’re after, I imagine most of us would say ‘yes’. We’ve all run out to grab something for a summertime activity or maybe to complete a Honey Do List. And it’s easier today than ever to jump online, click a few links, and have 200 rolls of toilet paper on your doorstep the next day.

But what about a larger, more important purchase? Still willing to just grab the first thing you see or hire the first contractor you meet without any research, without knowing anything about the product or even the company you’re buying from?

I should hope the answer is ‘no’. And that’s exactly what you want your prospects to say, as well.

You KNOW they need your product, and you KNOW it will solve their every problem. But they don’t know that, and won’t unless you tell them it will. The first step in building their confidence in your product is to prove you know everything there is to know about it…and tempt them toward your Call-to-Action with Expert-Level insight. Here are 9 Questions to Ask Yourself:

1.) What are all the benefits? If you had to list everything your product does and the ways it can benefit your prospect, could you? What’s your Product Elevator Pitch?

2.) What are all the features of your product or service? What is special about how your product helps your prospect complete their task, or make their life easier?

3.) How are you different from – and better than – the competition? Or IS it? If your product is different, select highlights around application, implementation, and service after the sale. That is what you showcase in your postcard copy.

4.) What does the buyer expect when they plunk down money? And do we deliver? Weird question, right? The assumption is the buyer expects not only a positive experience from your product, but one which makes them burn your company into their brains.

5.) What methods, approaches, and sales techniques are the competition using? We know this how? Because we’re on the competition’s mailing list. Remember that old trick? By seeing their postcards and landing pages, you know what they’re up to. Turnabout is fair play, and if they’re smart, they’re doing the same thing to you.

6.) How is my audience different from the general public? This is applicable if you specialize in something, which will be a factor in targeting the right message to the right audience. Not everyone has a yard or a pool or a heavy equipment business or whatever ‘it’ is that separates your product and the general public.

7.) How much can my buyer reasonably expect to pay? You know where the margins are for what you sell, but you’re also aware that four other companies in your territory offer the same service for a similar price.

8.) Does my average buyer have a credit card or a checking account? Might seem to be a generic question, but depending on what you’re selling, credit worthiness could be a factor. Or maybe a bank account is an option to easily handle recurring payments (like a meal delivery subscription or gym membership…remember those?).

9.) Can I expect to get multiple sales from my buyer? YES! The name of the game is ‘Repeat Purchase’, whether you’re selling birthday cakes, yard service, jewelry, or entire houses!

Are you going to incorporate all of these into your postcard copy every time? Heck no! Remember, we want to educate, but not overwhelm; create curiosity, but preserve a little mystery. There’s no need for word salad on the postcard by saying anything and everything you THINK they need to read about your product.

Give Opportunity Knocks a call. We’ve got Success Coaches standing by, pencils at the ready, to take down every little detail about your product. Knowing every nook and cranny about your product helps us help you reach the right audience, with the right message, the right way!