Relevance Generates Revenue:

How Personalized URL Postcard Marketing Technology Delivers an Bottom Line Revenue

By Jim Schimpf

When it comes to creating relevance (and with it response) in your marketing, you’ve got to hand it to personalized URLs or PURLs for short for a winning combination.  These highly effecting marketing tools coupled with personalized direct response postcards take the customer experience to a whole new level.  Add targeted data and a great irresistible offer that allows the recipient to log on to their “own” website to take advantage of your product or service offering and the success rate rises even higher.  In fact, according to researchers from the Direct Marketing Association, more than 67 percent of all direct-mail respondents go online to take action on the offers from a postcard.  This is perhaps the best and most effective way to get a return on your postcard advertising investment.

The key to this postcard advertising technique is that it not only gives your potential customers a customized website dedicated to the postcard promotion to visit for more info about your specific promotion, but each page is tailored to a specific target, giving the individual a very customized experience while learning about what your business has to offer.

This process works by sending out targeted postcards to everyone on your mailing list.  Your cards contain a unique URL (usually utilizing their name for maximum effect) which drives them to a customized webpage.  Once online, they are shown personalized and custom information that fits their specific needs so they can easily find what they are looking for.  For example, let’s say a local grocery store wants to get a former customer to come back to their store and stop going to their competitor’s store down the street.  By using a postcard advertising campaign that contains unique a PURL, the grocery store can customize the landing page on the website with groceries that the target usually buys, thus giving them a customized and thoughtful experience they can’t get anywhere else.

The result of this postcard advertising process for that grocery store is a greater customer loyalty and of course, more bottom line profits. It’s a terrific tool to regain lost customers,  advertise special offers and even drive new customers.  Next time you’re ready to produce a boost in your business, remember that in the world of marketing, relevance really does generate revenue and a postcard advertising campaign customized with consumer targeted PURLs are a great way to help you do just that.

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