Use ONE word to get immediate postcard mailing success

Use ONE word to get immediate postcard mailing success.

By Jim Schimpf

The next time you go through your normal, dull postcard printing process, think about how much better your prospects would feel if the postcard they received was not just created for thousands of readers, but instead, they felt as if it was created specifically for them?

This process starts with one word…which also happens to be the most important word in the English language…

That one word?   A PERSON’S FIRST NAME!

Personalized postcards can make all the difference for your postcard mailing campaign. The next time you go through your mail, think about the way you respond to pieces that are personalized to you and even seem to touch on those things that interest you. 

It makes you feel good-right? 

Now think about putting that same customization to work when promoting your products and services to your customers. Today’s consumers know when companies are taking a shotgun approach to their marketing and when they are “just another name on a mailing list.” 

They’re smarter and savvier than they’ve ever been!

The highest response rates go to those marketers who’ve taken the time to do their homework first and appeal to the lifestyle and buying trends of the target demographic. Studies show that integrating the customer’s name and key information by way of  “Variable Data Printing”  has a much higher rate of response…some studies report over a 30% increase! 

How does Variable Data Printing work?

The easiest way to customize a postcard mailing campaign for each individual target is to use a mail merge technique within the text.

This means you simply write out your normal message to your customers but you leave blank spots open to be filled out later automatically with different names and other personal information that you’ve collected from various resources.

This will help customers feel like that the postcard was meant only for them!

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