New Year’s TO DO(N’T) List…You’re Guide to Perfecting Direct Mail Marketing in 2020

I was thinking about New Year’s and everything that comes along with it. The fun and the spirit and the crushing need to come up with the perfect resolutions. That thing or statement or promise to yourself, grand and almost unattainable, which will wonderfully change your life forever and make the next 365 days feel like riding a gold-trimmed unicorn. Unless you don’t do it.

And that’s when I came across the anti-resolution.

Your anti-resolutions are basically telling yourself something you’re NOT going to do; something you WON’T subscribe to, a mantra you WILL NOT live by. The author of the article I read says, “Have a list of things you’re not going to do is easier to achieve.”

Mind blown. So here are the 5 New Year’s ANTI-resolutions I recommend: [“I will not…”]

1.) …Engineer blind postcard blasts – My business and livelihood are too important to leave finding new business to chance. I will not throw away money or time on people who don’t have a need for my product or service. Targeting proven and specific potential buyers is the easiest (and most economical) way to expand your business’ reach. It could also be the best way to land new prospects.

2.) …Design generic postcard mailings – Boring never made anybody do anything! I won’t put bland or poorly-designed postcards with my company name on them into anyone’s mailbox. Power, electricity, magnetism, confidence, great wording and pictures are what my business outreach needs and deserves!

3.) …Let the prospect figure it out – It’s my job to make sure my postcards are clear, unassuming, and void of trickery or games. I might have to push the prospect in the right direction, to make them see the features, or have them feel the benefits of what I’m asking them to buy. I can’t sit back and hope they guess correctly. I’m not going to waste their time or effort. If I don’t tell them, nobody will.

4.) …Assume the prospect is interested – People in Hell might be thirsty, but you can’t assume they’ll only drink water. (Wow, that was a bit of a stretch!) I cannot assume my product or service is going to be a hit. If I need to give them an ROI-friendly offer to bring the interested prospects out into the open, that’s what I’ll do. Nobody who drinks sweet tea will respond to an unsweet tea offer, no matter how great you think it is.

5.) …Walk away quietly – Not asking my prospects for their business (or the chance to EARN their business) on my postcard is like rolling a barrel of money over Niagara Falls. I will not let the chance get away to cement any potential next steps with a solid Call-to-Action. If I don’t ask for something, I’ll never get it. I have got to entice the prospect with an easy way to reach me – and make it super obvious on the postcard that that’s what I want them to do.

We all want to be prosperous and achieve greater highs whether in our business or our personal life. And New Year’s resolutions have proven to be the fastest path to failure, especially if you actually tell someone what the resolution is. The anti-resolution is genius! You KNOW what not to do, and that will only help make your actions in building your business stronger, repeatable, and increasingly valuable as the year stretches out before you.

Give us a call at Opportunity Knocks. We are next-level excited about the New Year and the untold number of ways we can help you reach your goals! For Auld Lang Syne.