Over the last few weeks, we talked about Multi-Channel Marketing and how it can help grow your business while ensuring maximum exposure for your brand.  For those who did not have a chance to read the 5 part series, below is an easy cheat sheet covering the key points.

We started with direct mail marketing and talked about how it makes up the foundation for all your marketing efforts. It’s truly the ONLY proactive outreach channel that is guaranteed to get in the hands of your target market.  Speaking on target markets…we also explained how data and email marketing can help increase repeat business and organize new prospects. We also touched on the importance of having a web 2.0 website designed to convert sales.  Finally, we discussed connecting with customers through social media and mobile marketing.

We had a massive response in the form of emails, phone calls, and testimonials from subscribers and customers who wanted to know more about how to implement this type of “21st Century Marketing.”

There was only one caveat…it had to be easy and affordable.

Because of all the positive feedback and questions we have created an easy 3 step process to start a multi-channel marketing campaign.

1.) Targeted Data
2.) Relevant postcard Message
3.) Incubate the lead using PURLs

TARGETED DATA can be from your current and prospective customers and should include name, email, home address, and any other valuable information about your contacts. This data is priceless and should be collected and harvested as frequently as possible. Once you have this data organized, you will want to start thinking about the message or call to action you want to use to trigger a massive response from your data.

A RELEVANT POSTCARD MESSAGE is essential in generating a high response from your data. The message should be clear, concise and relevant that calls the customer into action. Since 91% of people will go online and check you out before they respond, use PURLs (Personalized Single Landing Pages) to capture their attention FAST.  Something like, “visit your personal website to get your exclusive, limited time only, discount!” This call to action will drive your customers and prospects online, allowing you to collect more information and incubate the lead more cost effectively.

INCUBATING LEADS USING PURL’s will drastically lower the total cost per acquisition. A personal web address creates immediate interest from the user because they want to visit a website that has their name in it. In addition, driving the customer to their personal website increases trust as well as brand recognition.

Getting started in a multi-channel world of direct marketing is much easier than you think.  You can upgrade your postcard marketing with a simple multi-channel implementation using PURL’s. To see some successful customer case studies using our multi-channel marketing technology, click the link below: