Marketing Myths Debunked

By Crystal Pope

Marketing Myths Debunked 

Myth: Great Marketing produces instant results

Fact: Although marketing has the potential to produce instant results, the key to optimal response is repetition and consistency through time.

There is a rule in marketing called 3-7-27. It takes 3 contacts for a prospect to recognize your business name/brand. It takes 7 contacts for a prospect to associate your name/brand with what service/product you offer. And, it takes 27 contacts before that prospect feels comfortable enough to do business with you.

Myth: The goal is to sell as many people as possible

Fact:  Your goal is to maximize profits. Think quality, not quantity.

The most productive marketing speaks directly to the ideal buyer. Target your marketing campaign, accordingly. Who is your ideal customer? Consider what it takes to attract your buyers and, likewise, what you can do to eliminate non-buyers.

Myth: I don’t need to promote my business

Fact: Positive word of mouth and loyal customers are an advantage to any business. However, they can not be relied on in today’s highly-competitive marketplace.

Remind your current and potential customers, regularly, of what you have to offer. Most importantly, reinforce why they should choose you over your competition. What can you offer that your competitors cannot? Differentiate your business and promote it, regularly. If you don’t, you risk losing your business to those who are consistently telling your customers of what they have to offer them.

In summary, great marketing takes time, should target your ideal customer and is essential to any business.

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