Pedal to the Metal: Keep Marketing in a Crisis

Let me first say hello and that I’m hoping everyone is keeping their spirits up as we ALL face this amazing and unpredictable situation. Every day presents us with not only new challenges, BUT…we’re also presented with the fabulous ability to make the absolute best out of what we’ve got, pushing ourselves and those around us to be positive, to be at our best, and to use key learnings over these last several weeks as fuel for growth – both personally and professionally!

I think I’ve said this before, but I get ideas for these articles at crazy times and in crazy ways. Yesterday, as I fought the wind on my motorcycle, it hit me (no pun intended). This is 100% not the time to pull back on your marketing efforts. When a strong wind hits you on a motorcycle, or even as you’re walking down the street, you lean into it. You brace yourself, push back, remain steady, and don’t give up. Forward progress is your only goal.  That’s where some of you might be today. The winds of the pandemic in various forms are trying to knock you down.

The result of that challenge is that you can’t, not for one second, pull back. It is crucial that you continue marketing and customer outreach in a crisis.  These are 3 Reasons to Keep Your Marketing Efforts Strong [in a crisis] and driving forward full speed ahead:

1.) Your employees rely on you – This is a no-brainer. You have people (and likely, families) who depend on your ability to bring business in the door every week and every month. As a home-based business, you might also be the bread winner. Diminishing your ability to reach potential customers, in a crisis or not, can directly impact the ‘every day’ of anyone who counts on you.

2.) The economy needs a power source – When businesses don’t sell goods and services, everything from local economies to the global supply chain are impacted. Understanding that sales might be fluid during a crisis, it is critical that you’ve continued to add to the top of the funnel. Even if your products or services aren’t expensive, the simple act of purchasing from you has downstream effects you’ll never see, but can do a lot to keep an economy moving. Thousands of business owners with the same mindset, doing the same thing, can help keep an economy propped up.

3.) Stay top of mind – I said this before, but you always want to be the known entity. The continuation of strong marketing through a crisis can help cement your company’s position in the minds of anyone (and selfishly, everyone) who could benefit from your product or service. And depending on your goal/objective in your postcard campaign, marketing in a crisis does not have to mean you’re asking for a sale. “I’m here for you” is just as memorable as giving someone a discount [that you may or may not be able to afford to give them].

Whatever it is about your business that you love doesn’t get harder or more difficult when a crisis hits. You still love it. Your passion isn’t diminished.  Heck, it might very well be increased. When challenges come your way, you have to pivot, to think about how to better handle or approach or solve the issue. And in a crisis, your marketing, and the public’s need for you and your services, remains strong. They need to continue to hear from you.

Give Opportunity Knocks a call today. Your business isn’t just your job – it’s your livelihood. And we’re here to make sure you’ve got the best tools, the best strategy, and the best approach to lean into anything pushing against you. We have Success Coaches standing by to help you design a way to keep that marketing pedal to the metal. No helmet required.