Laser Target Your Postcard Advertising and Skyrocket Your Marketing Return on Investment

Database analytics + postcard advertising = big buying prospects

By Jim Schimpf

Even in today’s swiftly changing times, top advertising experts still agree that when it comes to generating a positive buying response, direct mail postcards are still one of the most effective tools in the business.  However, as more and more companies once again adopt this marketing method, only those that effectively match their message and offer to the RIGHT prospective customer by using powerful database analytics will find it the best use of their time, effort and marketing dollars.

By tapping into national databases, companies can now search for those specific prospects or “perfect customer” demographics which allow them to drill down to the consumer most likely to respond favorably BEFORE a single piece of mail is sent.

Lock into the potential of databases. Many organizations have wisely built a rich database of existing customers, yet fail to use them effectively or efficiently.  Without consistency, timeliness or a thorough examination of the treasure trove of information that lies within those databases, marketing has the potential to be a waste of resources.

However, for those companies which make the effort to delve into their records and analyze the true profile of their customer base, from obvious demographics such as age, sex, race, income range and geography to lifestyles, buying patterns and response rates, return on investment is maximized.  Once they zero in on what makes their best customers tick, they’re able to selectively target only those prospects that they are sure will very likely buy from them.

Put it all together. Smart companies put it all together by creating a comprehensive profile based on their “responsive customers.”   Then they’re able to take full advantage of the more intimate and personal tone of postcard marketing by implementing fully personalized campaigns and even use that profile to actively search for and bring in new like-minded customers.

And that’s just the beginning.   Once they’ve focused on the power behind their database,  companies are also wise to test the marketing efforts to determine, for example, which kinds of postcards are better received, or which  messages and offers on those postcards generates the best response for the same type of prospect.

Companies can also create sub-segments or, more importantly, use the information from their most active prospects, to come up with new postcard marketing strategies and even new products that they know will generate appeal.  This last strategy alone, if implemented strategically and with solid research to back it up, can give the company that puts it to work a significant advantage over its competitors. Perhaps the most surprising aspect of all, is that all that it is needed to make this happen, is information that most companies already have, someone to interpret it correctly and some personalized postcards.

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