Keeping up with the Changes in Social Media

Does it ever boggle your mind how fast things change in social media? Just when you get the hang of posting, tweeting, uploading or updating – you wake up the next day and your screens look different, your options have changed and you have to re-train your brain to get the hang of it. I’m so with you! Welcome to the lightning round that is social media.

Don’t get me wrong – as an early adopter – I loved the connectivity and the ability to communicate with almost anyone, but let’s face it. Today’s sales professionals have a LOT on their plate. So keeping up with the “Joneses” or at least the programming teams at your favorite networking sites can be a little challenging.

But you know what? Just like all the rest of us in the blogosphere – your social media hotspots have blogs all their own! (Go figure!) I just wanted to put a little list together for us so we can all bookmark them for those mornings when we think – “Now what?”

Facebook’s official blog:  (Hey –keeping up with the privacy settings alone can keep a person hopping!)

Twitter’s official blog  (Gratefully, their posts are more than just 140 characters!)

YouTube’s official blog:  (Cause video rocks – just ask That Interview Guy’s Michael Krisa! Right Michael?)

Google’s official blog (They’ll tell you they run the world – we should try to keep up-no?)

LinkedIn’s official blog (Some great undiscovered ways to connect in there!)

StumbleUpon’s official blog (Love this site!)

And just to keep things interesting – here are some other recommended business, marketing and business motivational sites.

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By the way – what’s YOUR favorite blog site to bookmark?