Want Higher Quality Direct Mail Leads? 4 Reasons to Hurry Up and Wait!

Part of my job coaching you all in the arts & sciences of Direct Mail often deals with teaching you about concepts that should help grow your business.  Right?  I mean, what I’ve tasked myself with doing is passing on to you the knowledge that I’ve obtained so that YOUR efforts in Direct Mail will be hugely successful.

In the past, I’ve written a lot about leads and what they can do for your business.  I’ve written about demographics and psychographics and computer graphics (gotcha!), and all the ways the targeting the right audience will boost your chances of follow up or a sale.  But what if you aren’t necessarily looking to sell from your postcard?  [Gasp!  I know.]

Sales are the lifeblood of any business, and they’re critical.  But the leads you generate to MAKE those sales can be just as critical.  And that’s what I’m excited to tell you about today.  More specifically, I want to teach you about Four Ideas for the ‘Best Leads’ Possible, and narrow your focus around ‘quality’ over ‘quantity’ in the world of Direct Mail lead generation.  Ready?  Let’s go!

1.) Mention the price. I don’t say this flippantly, but sometimes it pays to scare off prospects who can’t afford you.  (If you have to ask, can’t afford it…well not quite, but almost.)  The theory is that if your prospects are serious about the product/service, chances are they also understand the true cost of what they need to purchase, the value it represents to their business, and can quickly evaluate you or your company by judging how you’ve priced what you’re advertising.  Don’t waste time gathering leads and having fruitless conversations prospects whose only goal is to try and get the price as low as possible.

2.) Give details about the product, even the ‘negatives’. You’d be surprised how many people appreciate knowing UP FRONT what your product or service can – and cannot – do for them.  The name of the game isn’t to lure them into calling or contacting you.  By clearly stating what not to expect (e.g., you’re not going to get rich quick or solve world peace), you effectively strengthen the pool of people interested in what you’re selling because they already know it fits their needs and expectations.

3.) Make the offer specific to the product/service you’re selling. I know, I know…that only makes sense to you and me.  But ask yourselves how many times you’ve seen a postcard or even a commercial, and you’re left wondering what they were trying to say or sell you.  Don’t do that.  Offer the prospect someone directly related to the product/service you’re wanting them to contact you about.  For example, a discount on a pound of freon/coolant if they sign up for an HVAC inspection.  You’ve narrowed the pool to those people truly interested in an HVAC inspection – and you get freon at wholesale anyway, so…  Win/Win.

4.) Ask for a lot of information in reply. These days, information is at an all-time high.  It’s premium and of a very high value, so many people don’t ‘give up the deets’ easily or casually.  By asking for a specific amount information to use to contact your prospects (name, best phone number or email to reach them, number of employees, annual sales, etc.), you are more likely to receive interest from those who are serious about the offer you put in front of them.

These aren’t the only ways, of course, to attract quality over quantity, but they’re really helpful.  And let’s be honest…sometimes you NEED a bunch of leads, right?  Sometimes, it pays to spread your name far and wide.

But in those times when you have a specific agenda, a specific target in mind, or a specific need to a make specialized outreach to a particular set of people for lead generation to support future sales/growth, understanding how to separate the wheat from the chaff goes a long way in stretching your Direct Mail dollar.

We have Direct Mail coaches who are excited about your potential, and want to coach you on the many ways you can attract the right leads, right now.  Give Opportunity Knocks a call (1-866-319-7109) and set up a free coaching call with us.




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