First New Mover Sale Over $45,000!

New Movers are a great target market.  They move into a new home and it’s inevitable that they want to make changes.  They need window treatments because the previous owner took the others or they moved into a new home.  They need more furniture once their furniture has been set.  Or they may just need a few accessories to make their house their home.

Statistics have proven that new movers will spend more money within the first six months of buying a home than they will in the next five years!  WOW!  To the tune of $15,000!  

We suggest you be there when they’re ready to buy just like Dee Frazier was. 

“I have a client that I am installing for tomorrow that I wanted to tell you about.  This client found us through my New Home Owner postcard program.  She also went to my website and also sees the google banner for us when she was on the internet.  She asked me about it and says that she sees me everywhere 🙂  My first sale from her totaled over $45,000 and I have added an additional $7,000 since the first time.  We will also be continuing on with other projects in her home and business. 

This is just one of the many clients that I have through the new home owner and google banner programs.”

Dee Frazier

As summer heats up, so does moving season.  And new movers are great DDI prospects.  Let’s take a minute to revisit all of our postcard marketing program available and create a great Layered Marketing Strategy to get you some new business asap.  We’ve got a great promo going on now.  Need help?  Give me a jingle at 866-319-7109.  Or email me at