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How are you using Social Media to Promote Your Business and Gain New Customers? Here’s three handy, “must-do” tips to make sure you’re getting the most from your social media experience:

  • Balancing Act: To ensure you are creating a strong presence online, make sure you have a healthy mix of promotion, education or information and show a little personality as well. Fan pages or blogs that are all sales and no substance sink to the bottom of bookmarks. Have a little fun, and keep things mixed up at least once or twice a week.
  • Mutually Beneficial: Know a few friendly, non-competing businesses in town that you frequent or recommend on a regular basis? Tell the world about then on your Facebook, LinkedIn or blog. You may be surprised how many are happy to return the favor. It’s a great way to be “community minded,” help another business out, and it gives you another good reason to post something to your page!
  • Mind your Manners: While there are plenty of people out there posting lessthan professional images on their MySpace or Facebook, make sure your page is family friendly and shows you in the best possible light. You may want to have two profiles: one will be used for business and one for personal use, to be on the safe side. And just remember, no matter how good you are at Farmville or Mafia Wars, your clients want to know that your focus is on them. So keep your application kudos to a minimum—or better yet, leave those on your personal page.

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